7 Best Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

makeup tipsPutting makeup perfectly to dry skin can be quite challenging. Often coloured cosmetics come with formulas that are quite drying and can cause chapping of skin. This happens mostly with base makeup that does not have any hydrating effect.

Therefore it is quite necessary to choose the right kind of products to make dry skin look healthy and radiant. Here are some basic makeup tips for dry skin to look gorgeous always:

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Prep Your Skin

Dry skin needs constant boost of hydration to remain healthy. Prior to applying makeup be assured to moisturize the skin with a creamy formula that nourishes your skin for a long time and prevent it from getting dehydrated. A chapped and flaky skin will make the foundation to cake and will look messy.


Try to use something like Dior Nutri-Move Crème or L’Oreal Hydra Fresh Aqua Cream for dry skin types.  Vitamin E Skin Serums are also rich hydrating boosters and will ensure a truly nourished skin.

Use Dewy Foundations

Dry skin most of the time appears quite dull and flaky. To avoid this try to include a dewy textured foundation for that angelic glow. Matte foundations can cause too much dryness and will appear whitish on your face. Invest in a foundation with a creamy texture that can create a light reflecting glow and immediately perk up your complexion.

Add Some Sheen

This is one of the best tricks used by makeup artists to combat dry skin.  Use a highlighter or radiance booster before applying the foundation or base makeup. Clarins Flash Balm or Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream are best bets for this purpose.

add some sheen

They add the illuminated effect that gives an impression of healthy and radiant skin from within. Choose the most prominent areas of your face like cheekbones, temple, bridge of the nose and chin. Choosing the right kind of highlighter is important too. Women with warm complexions should choose something with gold tints.

Get Even

Spots, dark circles and acne scars are evils that can make you look dull and sick. Use a concealer to cover these flaws. Often makeup artists can create magical transformations just with the help of a concealer. Use a creamy formula that does not dry out the skin.


Try something like Urban Decay Surreal Skin Creamy Concealer for an instant brightening effect.  The concealer should match the colour of the foundation. Often too light concealers can appear funny and white on the skin. It is important to blend it properly for a flawless complexion.

Go Rosy

Use a glowing cheek tint that can give an instant boost to your face enhancing its health and beauty. Try to choose a shade that best compliment your complexion and make you flush naturally. Remember to blend it on your cheek bones for a magical pinkish aura. Without proper blending the colour can appear quite clownish and improper.

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Warm Up

The best way to combat dry skin is to create an effect of sun-kissed glow. Contour your face with a bronzer and create a supreme summary glow all over. A bit of shimmer in the bronzer can easily do the trick and give you the much sought after illuminated effect you have been looking for.

Use Cream Shadow & Liquid Eyeliner

If you are going to apply eye makeup choose a cream based shadow as powder shadows can be too drying for the thin and sensitive eye area.

Liquid Eyeliner

The cream texture of the shadow will spread smoothly on the lids and can give the exact type of look that you want to create. Use a liquid eyeliner as it will appear glossy and immediately brighten up the eyes for a smouldering look.