7 Best Natural Cures For Stomach Ulcers


 stomach ulcersStomach ulcers are generally painful and they disrupt one’s regular lifestyle immensely. These occur when the lining of our stomach is worn out by acids. These can reoccur and can cause a lot of complications later. Prompt and appropriate treatment is very much required to arrest stomach ulcers at the earliest.

One must never retort to medicines for treating ulcers as that would only lead to further digestive problems in future. The wisest option is to treat and prevent your stomach ulcers by opting for natural remedies. We give you the best 7 natural cures for treating stomach ulcers.

Natural Cures For Stomach Ulcers 

Raw Honey 

Raw honey has been considered a great remedy for curing stomach ulcers. Raw honey can help restore your digestive tract and it helps strengthen and heal your stomach of all ulcers.

raw honey

So have at least 2-3 teaspoons of raw honey every day. Make sure you only consume raw honey. Raw honey contains glucose oxidase which is a hydrogen-peroxide producing enzyme. These are helpful in killing all those bacteria that increase ulcers.

Fresh Cabbage Juice

This might not sound very tasty but fresh cabbage juice contains a high amount of amino acids and lactate acid. This acid helps restore the lining of the stomach by strengthening it.

cabbage juice

Some people are avert to the idea of having a glass full of cabbage juice, for them its best to consume raw cabbage as much as they can. Raw cabbage too can be beneficial in treating stomach ulcers. However, fresh cabbage juice is lot more effective.

Fibre-Rich Foods 

Fibre has many advantages. It is a great source of treating stomach ulcers too. Vegetables, whole grains and fruits all these foods contain fibre that can strengthen one’s stomach lining.

Fibre-Rich Foods

Always read the labels of food that gives the nutrition value information. A fibre-rich diet is highly recommended for people suffering from stomach ulcers for curing the problem at the earliest.



Garlic works like a miracle in any problem. It can contribute in preventing ulcer formation too. Garlic keeps a check on bacteria that can cause stomach ulcer. So include garlic in your regular diet as much as you can.

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Many people think that chilli peppers can aggravate ulcers; however, studies have proved this to be wrong. Chilli peppers actually trigger such mechanisms in the body that actually protect the lining of the stomach. Chilli peppers contain capsaicin that also help fight prevent formation of ulcers that are caused by few anti-inflammatory drugs and alcohol. So next time you see those chilli peppers, gorge on them.

Unripe Bananas 

That banana is a good source of potassium is known to all. However, unripe bananas too can be used as a remedy. They are found to be useful in treating stomach ulcers.

unripe banana

They create mucus in our digestive tract that work as a coating in the stomach lining. They also help in healing ulcers. They also aid in increasing the cell growth in the intestinal tract of humans. They contain compounds that are found in anti-ulcer medicines.

Licorice Root 

Licorice root doesn’t really help in preventing occurrence of ulcers. However, they do surely help in prevention of the pain associated with stomach ulcers.