7 Easy And Effective Exercises To Tighten The Belly

exercises to tighten your belly

exercises to tighten your bellyEverybody wants a slim, well crafted figure. A fatless, tight abdomen is everybody’s dream. Nothing comes easy in life. If you want to achieve something then you need to work hard to get that.

A good body with tight belly requires hard work and disciplined exercise routine. Many people think that a controlled diet makes you slim. The truth is, if you eat less you will become weak. You need a body with strong, tamed muscles not a thin figure. I know lot of people WHO want six pack abs and they work hard in gym to get that. To have a perfect six pack abdomen, you must shed all the fat from your stomach and then shape up your abdomen muscles.

Trust me; you don’t need hard gym machineries or hours to spend in a gym. All you need is an exercise routine that you should follow every day. At first you need to burn all the fat from your belly and then when you have a flat stomach, go for six packs. To have a six pack abs, you need to practice specific exercises for specific muscles. Start of slow with exercises and then go into tough workouts when your body is ready to take that.

Walking And Running

Walking is the best exercise to start with. It is a cardio workout that works on your entire body. You need a flexible body to perform exercises that can flatten your stomach. Walking makes the circulation process work perfectly and sheds extra fat from your belly. Walking also makes your abdominal muscles strong which is needed if you want crafted abs, walking works as an indicator also.

If you feel uncomfortable while walking then it means that your body is not active. Within few weeks your body will become ready for the exercise. Once your body becomes flexible, you can start running. Running is the easiest way to burn every drop of fat from your body. Running makes all the body muscles stronger and flexible. With that you can start and go for tougher exercises to build a tight, crafted abdomen.

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts help you to tighten the stomach. It creates pressure on the right abdomen muscles and creates a well shaped abdomen. Lie down on your back. Fold your legs from knees and keep them on your feet. Keep your hands crossed over your chest.

You can even stretch them on your side keeping in mind that you should not use them to create pressure. Now tighten your stomach and tilt your pelvis. Stay like that for few seconds and go back to the first position. Repeat it few times and do this every day. Never lift your body except the pelvis.


Crunching is a very basic exercise. It is very helpful if you want to build a flat and tight stomach. Lie down on your back. Cross your hand on the chest. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Now take a deep breath, tighten your abdomen and push your shoulders up.

You should try to lift your shoulders at least six inches from the ground. Keep your lower back on the ground and stay in that position for few seconds and then slowly get back into the starting position. Then without taking a gap, repeat it again. Your breathing process should go normally.

Leg Raising

exercises to tighten your belly

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Leg raising exercise works on your lower abdomen. It tightens up the lower abdomen muscles and flattens the lower portion. This is required to build six pack abs. Lie down on the ground. Put your hands under your lower back. Flatten your back tightly on the ground.

Now slowly lift your legs straight in the air. Keep them together and lift completely at ninety degree. Squeeze your stomach and stay like that as long as you can. Slowly get back in the previous position. Stop for few seconds and repeat again. If you find it hard then start lifting one leg at a time. Once your muscles become flexible, you will be able to lift both legs together.

Single Leg Stand

This is exactly what the name suggests. According to the experts, this helps to tighten the side muscles of your stomach. The process is simple. Stand straight with your hands close to the side of your body. Bend your knees a little. Now lift one leg at least six inches from the ground.

Tighten your stomach muscles. Stay that way for at least ten seconds and then get back to starting position. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat this process six times for first few weeks and then increase the number. If you find it hard to balance on one leg then support your back with the wall. You will surely learn to balance in few days.

Fitness Ball Crunches

Fitness ball is a great exercise tool for people who want to workout at home. Fitness ball crunches shapes up your abdomen. The muscles become flexible and strong. First sit on your fitness ball like you sit on a chair. Keep your feet on the ground. Now cross your hands on your chest and slowly bend back.

Try to feel your stomach while bending and once you feel a pressure on the abdomen muscles. Keep your body that way till you take three breaths and then sit up again. Repeat at least for ten times and increase the repetition with each passing week. Many experts suggest that you can pull up one leg at a time while leaning back as that will shape up the abdomen muscles just like the way you dream about.

Front Bending

Front bending works directly on your stomach. It pushes back abdomen muscles and gives them strength and flexibility. Stand straight and put your hands up. Touch your palms together and then bend your waist in front. Keep your legs together and without bending your knees, touch your toes with the tip of your hands. Now slowly stand straight and repeat the entire process again. Ten times at a time is the right way to start with this exercise.