7 Effective Natural Cures For Psoriatic Arthritis

ArthritisMany of the patients who contract a skin rash called psoriasis, also contract psoriatic arthritis. Here the immune system of one’s body attacks joints in any part of the body and causes inflammation. Persistent inflammation of joints due to psoriatic arthritis can cause damage to joints.

Conventional medicines can only delay the damage due to inflammation. No cure has yet been found hence one can only prevent pain and disability and further damage. Natural cures can help you treat your problem of psoriatic arthritis. Read on to know more about the top 7 effective natural cures to treat psoriatic arthritis.

Natural Cure For Psoriatic Arthritis

Healthy Weight

If you watch your weight, you will automatically be putting lesser burden on your joints. So lead a healthy life by watching your weight. This will result in better and more energy and in increased mobility. Try and include all the required nutrients in your daily diet and stay away from processed food at all costs to keep your weight in check.



Make sure you find time out to exercise regularly. A fit body always results in flexibility and better mobility. This will help you keep your muscles stronger. Swimming, walking and biking are some of the exercises that are less strenuous for joints.

Fish Oil 

Include fish oils in your diet. Fish oils help in reducing proteins that cause inflammation to some extent. So make sure you include these oils in your diet in some way or the other.


sun light

Vitamin D is often found lacking in patients of psoriatic arthritis. So make sure you go out in the sun and spend time under the sun to absorb vitamin D naturally, as much as you can.

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Vitamin K-Rich Diet

Including green leafy vegetables in your diet would ensure good and healthy joints. Leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale and even olive oils and canola play a chief role in joint health because they are rich in vitamin K.

Always Protect Your Joints 

Avoid straining your joints uselessly. Use a jar opener instead of your fingers to twist open a jar. Do not push the door with just your fingers; instead use your whole body to push it. Lift heavy objects with both your hands. These little alterations in your daily routine can also bring relief by preventing pain and more stress on the joints.

Space Out Your Activities 

You must space out all your activities during the day by taking small breaks in between. Do not exercise at a stretch, always take small breaks. This way you would not put too much strain on your joints. Psoriatic arthritis, as it is, causes pain and exhaustion due to inflammation and it ends up making you feel fatigued at all times. So don’t stop being active completely but don’t do any activity at a stretch for longer hours. The idea is to do things in small segments, taking time out for breaks in between to rest and relax. In fact, you must find time out to relax as many times in a day as you want. A less stressful body will obviously heal better.