7 Effective Solutions For Heat-Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

Mostly all women want to have beautiful hair so that they can feel gorgeous and confident. But in order to make their hair look attractive, many women resort to excessive heat-styling, which weakens and damages their hair.

After the prolonged use of heat-styling tools, hair becomes rough, hard and dry. Thus, it may invite several hair problems such as hair breakage, hair fall, split hair-ends, etc.If you are looking for some solutions for your heat damaged hair, so that you can get that natural bounce of your hair back, then here are some effective ones for you. Your damaged hair may take some time to regain its previous luster and shine. Therefore, you must continue these remedies until your heat-damaged hair problem completely goes away.

7 Effective Solutions for Heat-Damaged Hair:

Solution 1: Shampoo Your Hair Less Frequently

Shampoo Your Hair

Heat-damaged hair should not be shampooed on a daily basis; otherwise it may worsen the state of the hair. It is sufficient to wash your hair with shampoo twice or thrice a week. Shampoos constitute nearly 10% to 15% detergent, which strips the natural oil from your hair. Thus, shampooing hair should be minimized.

Solution 2: Use Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo

Heat-damaged hair is approximately devoid of moisture. Therefore, washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo is essential. It will help your hair to restore the lost moisture. While selecting a moisturizing shampoo, you should look for ingredients such as antioxidants, ceramides, nutrients, and UVA and UVB protectors.

Solution 3: Use Conditioner Regularly

Use Conditioner Regularly

Applying suitable conditioners regularly will help your hair to restore and preserve its moisture. While purchasing a conditioner, you must look for the ingredients like silicones, amino acids, polyquaternium, and panthenol. All these ingredients posses conditioning properties and hence aid in correcting the heat-damaged hair. You should always use a conditioner after shampooing your hair.

Solution 4: Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep-conditioning your hair with a hair mask containing acetyl alcohol, or stearyl alcohol will provide immense benefits to your heat-damaged hair. Both acetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are fatty alcohol sources that are linked to heat-styling damage repairing.

You should use a conditioner that is capable of penetrating into the hair quite easily, prior to heat-styling your hair. Most beauty experts recommend applying a leave-in conditioner.

Solution 5: Use Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment

Treating your heat-damaged hair with hot oil can give you good result. Although, many oils such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. can be used for the treatment, grape seed oil should be particularly used. This is because grape seed oil is very light, and hence gets absorbed by the hair quickly. It is effective in treating heat-damaged hair.

Solution 6: Try Silicone


Applying silicone on heat-damaged hair is another effective and result-oriented solution. It is effective in sealing the hair cuticles and allowing the hair to defend against damage. Silicone also helps the hair follicles to retain moisture and thus hair is prevented from drying or getting frizzy.

Solution 7: Avoid Additional Heat Damage

It is important to prevent your heat-damaged hair from getting damaged further. So, do not step out in the sun without a hat. You can also use a conditioner having SPF protection to provide protection to your hair against UV heat damage. Also, you should try to keep the temperature of your heat-styling tool as low as possible. These styling tools should be occasionally used.

Avoid Additional Heat Damage