7 Effective Ways Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

7 Effective Ways Of Facial Hair Removal For Women Facial hair might appear highly appealing when seen on a man’s face, but certainly not the other way round! As for women, facial hair looks nothing but unsightly on any woman’s beautiful face. Most of the women still continue to struggle with the problematic issue of hair removal.

For some women, sprouting of dark, coarse facial hair is a constantly recurrent problem, courtesy, hereditary factors, variations in the level of hormones or due to certain medical problems, for example, polycystic ovaries. Regardless of the reason, there is absolutely no dearth of efficient ways to tackle excess hair.

To give a helping hand to women who find it tricky to decide on which mode of hair removal will work best for them, here is some useful information. Go through this well elaborated guide consisting of seven most effectual methods of facial hair removal for young girls and women.

Top Methods of Facial Hair Removal For Women

Facial Hair Removal Route Via Laser

One of the current raging ways of removing facial hair which ensures not just hair removal, but also slackening of facial hair regrowth is pulsed light. The laser when directed towards coarse tufts of hair, travels along the hair shaft till it reaches the follice (the key area of action). The destruction of the hair’s root weakens the hair structure leading to its fall out over a matter of few weeks. Although laser hair removal is safe for use in any part of the body, women with dark facial hair and light skin may ideal candidates for the procedure.

Lasers, unfortunately do not work its magic on white hair. Nd: YAG is a safe and effective option for women with dark skin and offers no risk of incurring dark spots or scarring. The entire treatment takes about five to seven sessions or more.

Uproot Facial Hair Using Vaniqa

Vaniqa is a prescription cream for topical use. It is also available by the name of Eflornithine 13.9%. The mode of action of Vaniqa involves barring an enzyme that accelerates hair growth. Once blocked, facial hair growth is deaccelerated in the specific region, eventually leading to a complete halt.

7 Effective Ways Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

Coupled with laser treatment, the effect of Vaniqa lasts much longer. It works exceedingly well for unwanted hair growth, especially in the chin and upper lip region. The cream has been approved by the FDA and thus, imposes no health problems for women on birth control pills or with reproductive ailments such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.


For a more permanent result, you can always choose electrolysis over pulsed light. Electrolysis is the sole technique of facial hair removal that has received the title of a ‘Permanent hair removal’ method. In this procedure,a tiny needle is utilized to travel down the hair follicle till the cells causing hair growth is reached.

As soon as these cells are obliterated, the outgrowth slides right out to never re-surface again! Plus, the topical use of anesthetic cream makes the entire process barely perceivable. In fact, Electrolysis remains the most favourite option of females, especially when it comes to their facial skin.

The sessions do not last for more than ten minutes but do require multiple revisits depending on the number of hair to be deattched. The only potential shortcoming of facial hair electrolysis is the formation of small scars in the area of needle insertion. However, the good news is that such scars heal unnoticed, especially in women with fair skin.

Pluck Your Facial Hair Out!

Make use of tweezers to expunge facial hair along with the root. The effect of this hair removal mode is however short lived as the follicles from which the hair stems remain unaffected by tweezing. Having said so, tweezing is considered quite easy and convenient to use for removal of hair from small areas, like chin, upper lip or eyebrows.

7 Effective Ways Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

Also, the clean results can be noticed instantly! If you are new at plucking hair, using a pair of tweezers, make sure you pull the hair in a single, smooth motion.

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Depilatories To Deal With Facial Hair

Depilatory creams and lotions are designed to liquify the structural protein (keratin) that constitutes the structure of hair. Females can readily opt for depilatories as the best alternative to shaving which leaves coarse and dark hair which do not feel smooth to touch at all. To see the amazing results of such a cream, use a wet cotton to slightly dampen your skin. Apply a thin layer of the cream in the hair bearing skin area.

Leave it on for the precise duration of time mentioned in the instructions given along with the product. Take a moistened, clean cloth to wipe off the hair and cream. Enjoy the results obtained for a few weeks.

Waxing Kit

This is perhaps the only hair removal method which has been in practice for innumerable years. This method involves application of heated wax over the area of interest using an applicator. As the wax sets, a clean cloth strip is placed over the wax, quickly smoothened and pulled away in a steady, smooth motion.

7 Effective Ways Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

This pulls away not only the hair you hate to see on your face, but also removes the layer of dead cells. One does not have to rush to beauty salons to get waxing done; ready to use home kits can be availed from the market too.

Sugar Scrubs The Facial Hair Away

That’s right! Sugar, when mixed with a few drop of fresh lemon juice and water works as a potent and natural option that quickly removes facial hair. There are quite a few reasons why this natural method of hair removal wins the vote of many women. First and foremost, the scrubbing action does not hurt half as much as waxing.

Also, sugar mixed with other ingredients has the power of uprooting even the smallest of hair, which waxing fails to accomplish each time. The gentle yet effective action leaves the facial skin smooth and free of unwanted hair for upto five to six weeks! Isn’t that impressive? If preparing the paste at home is not your cup of tea, there is also an option of commercially available sugaring kits, either containing sugar gel or paste.