7 Fantastic Abs Workout For Women

abs Workout

Women generally obsess over their midsections the most, probably because that’s where they have a tendency to gain most of their fat and probably because that’s the area that make them look fat or sexy depending upon how it looks. We are providing here some absolutely useful and easy exercises that will help women gain the abs they always visualized.

abs Workout

Best Abs Workout For Women

Crunches On Exercise Ball: For Upper Abs

For this particular exercise you will need to get hold of a well-inflated ball of a particular size and then you will have to sit on that ball. Keeping your hands behind your head, move your feet to a little distance from the ball such that your torso rolls on that ball. Make sure that the ball supports your hips as well as the curve of your lower part of your back. Your legs should be in such a position so that they form a bridge with the knees which have been bent at right angles.

Now all you have to do is breathe out and uplift your body (upper) by almost 45 degrees, pull the abs deep inwards in the direction of the spine and the come back to starting position. Do 25 repetitions and make sure you don’t pull your neck with a jerk.

Exercise Ball

Elbow Plank: For All Abs

This exercise begins as you are on the floor, your whole body resting on your knees and forearms. Now step out one foot at a time making sure you come into the plank position. Now all you have to do is contract your abs in such a manner so that your booty neither sticks up nor sinks.

Also make sure that your spine is completely parallel to the floor and your contracted abs are pulling in the direction of the ceiling. Hold this position for exactly thirty seconds and as you get stronger you can even increase the time span to one minute.

Elbow Plank

Bicycle Crunches: For Obliques

Undoubtedly considered one of the best exercises for abs of women, this particular exercise works specifically and significantly on the obliques. Start by lying flat on the floor and make sure that your lower back is pressed hard to the floor. Now and put your hands right behind your head and let your fingers get interlaced. Alongside pull your abs in the downward direction in order to target the deep abs. Now what you have to do is bring your knees inwards in the direction of your chest and subsequently uplift your shoulders from the floor.

Now straighten out your right leg at an angle of about 45 degrees with respect to the floor ground and turn your upper body towards the left side, moving your right elbow in the direction of your left knee. Also be careful in making sure that not just your elbows but your entire rib cage is moving in the process. Now do the same process with the other side and this will all make for one rep. Make sure your motion remains slow as well as highly controlled. For best results do 10-20 reps every day.

Bicycle Crunches

Twisting Side Plank: For Obliques

It is an excellent exercise that works highly effectively on the abs concentrating deeply on the obliques. Place yourself in the side plank position on the right side of yours such that your feet are stacked on top of each other and your entire weight in on the right elbow such that your fingers are facing away from the body and the palm is down. Now place the left arm of yours at the back of your head and breathe in. Breathe out and alongside pull your navel towards spine in order to involve your deep abs in the process.

Also at the same time rotate your entire ribcage at the left of the body in direction of the floor. Stay in that position for one second and make sure you pull your navel inwards towards the spine more than before. Now return to the position that you started with and repeat at least 7 more times on the same side and after that switch sides and do 8 reps on the other side too.

Twisting Side Plank

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Seated Russian Twist: For Obliques

With your knees bent sit straight on the ground such that your heels are about a foot away from your hips.Slightly lean backwards making sure you don’t round your spine at all in the process. Even though it might seem extremely hard to maintain an absolutely straight back but you should make sure it doesn’t curve as the position of the back is critical to the effects of the exercise

Now place your arms in front of you straight outwards such that your hands are on top of each other. Both your hands and the bottom part of your ribcage should be in level with each other. Now pull your navel inwards towards your spinal cord and turn slowly in the left direction.

Make sure the movement is not too big and it happens because of the rotating ribs and not because of the swinging of the arms. Now breathe in and twist towards the right direction. This makes for one complete rep.You have to do sixteen full reps every day for effective results.Seated Russian

Reverse Curl: For Lower Abs

Lying on the back on the ground, you place your hands on the ground at your side. Keep your feet absolutely together and keeping them in such position bring your knees inwards in the direction of your chest.

Now make sure you use the abs to curl the hips off the ground in a slow motion towards your chest and now again in a slow motion lower your hips back into the earlier position. This makes for one complete rep. Do 20 reps every day for best results.

Reverse Curl

Captain’s Chair: For Lower Abs

Even though this exercise works on your entire abs it concentrates mostly on the lower abs. All you have to do is keep your forearms on your padded arms and then form a fist around your hand pegs. Now slowly push your elbows in the direction of your pads so that your shoulders press away from the ears. Now breathe out and pull your abs inwards in the direction of your spinal cord and bend your knees to lift them in the direction of your chest. Now lower your knees and get in the position with straight legs. Do 10-12 reps of the same.

Captain s Chair