7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight It is October and there is a long list of festivities in the upcoming months. Obviously you want to look good and fit into your favorite LBD, but in case you’ve gained some extra pounds and want to shed it fast (and you hate diets) there are a few foods that can help you skip the diet and lose weight too!

Yes, these foods fill the tummy but add negligible calories to your body. Have a look at the list and make sure you incorporate them in your diet to cut the flab in time.

List of Foods to Lose Weight


If you’re someone who makes herself a sandwich (extra cheese, iceberg lettuce and patty) whenever your tummy grumbles, switch to healthy and fiber packed oats. Cook the oats in skimmed milk and don’t add too much of sugar. Now, you may ask, if 100gm of oats gives 380kcal, how can it be of any good?

Well yes, it provides a bit of calories but it is a food that is slowly digested, so it remains in your tummy for a longer period of time, hence you do not feel hungry at least till the lunch hours. This means you’re skipping an unhealthy bite in-between (I call it the 10’o clock munch). No tasty snack (tasty=calories right?) so no added calories.


Whenever you feel like munching on something, you reach for the pack of chips (call it pack of calories) or French fries. To lose weight you need to substitute these unhealthy snacks with something like popcorn.

7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Steer clear from butter laden popcorn. The classic salted variety is tasty and good for you. It fills the stomach without adding any unwanted calories.


Yes the good old eggs can stay on your platter. Eggs are protein enriched and just 2 eggs for breakfast will fill your stomach. It has been experimentally established that, people who had 2 eggs for breakfast, ate much less throughout the day than people who has something like a sandwich or milk shake for breakfast.

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If you’re in mood for some fish, get some salmon. Salmon fishes are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids enhance insulin sensitivity of the body and cuts down fats to build muscles. The best way to prepare salmon is to steam or smoke it.


7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

One good serving of beans goes a long way. Beans provide the body with cholecystokinin that slows down the rate of digestion, thereby keeping food in the stomach for a longer span of time. You can prepare your lunch or dinner with some high-fiber beans.

Chilled Yoghurt

If you’re craving for some ice-cream or something creamy, well you can substitute it with probiotic yoghurt. It might not match the taste but it is way healthier than a bowl of “frozen calories”. Probiotic yoghurt is filled with “good bacteria” that help in digestion. Yoghurt is protein packed and that makes it a filling food too. However, always buy low-fat yoghurt for weight–losing purposes.

A Bowl Of Salad

A simple bowl of salad can help you lose weight and maintain it. Prepare your own salad with choicest fruits and vegetables. Ensure that the salad dressing is low-calorie too. Salads can provide your body with the needed nutrient but add almost no calories. In fact you can munch on a bowl of salad instead of eating regular lunch or dinner. This will ensure that you’re filled with food and not calories.