7 Hot & Trendy Jeans For Tall Women

7 Hot & Trendy Jeans For Tall Women

7 Hot & Trendy Jeans For Tall Women Whether you are going the formal route or trying to add a touch of ultra cool vibe, jeans never fail to disappoint. But, when it comes to finding a perfect pair of jeans, tall women have to live with their own set of fashion dilemmas. Neither all tall women are pencil thin, nor all are blessed with long legs.

Moreover, since most of the styles don’t usually exceed the standard 34-inch inseam, it is hard to find a pair that flatters their size like anything. If you also fall in the tall women category, you might know what I am actually talking about. But, don’t you worry anymore! This fashion guide talks about all different jeans style that make an ideal bet for tall women. Read on to know more.

Trendy Jeans for Tall Women

Long and Lean Jeans from Gap

With a low rise and boot cut fit in medium wash, Gap offers jeans in both long and tall options to make your size look more eclectic. Their jeans come in 37” inseam that make it an ideal choice if you are a tall woman with long legs. It would suit any tall women from the size group of 5’8 inches to 6 inches. However, if you have slightly shorter legs, you could find an array of jeans that would seamlessly flatter your size in a range of different inseams.

Republic Trousers from Banana

It’s not a monkey business to find a comfortable pair of jeans, especially if you are a tall woman. Nevertheless Banana Republic trousers allow you to celebrate your size without fretting. They come in 37” inseam, and do every inch of favor, if you are looking for options on Friday work wear. Their nicely cut leg make every tall women look extra fabulous. However, be sure to buy one size up as they could run a little tight around the waistline and thighs.

Real Straight Jeans from Gap

Even though Gap’s Real Straight Jeans might not look good on tall women with curves, these jeans are comfortable middle the road type of jeans for skinny tall women. They offer straight cut swathe that extends all the way from the hips to the ankle. The tall jeans come in two options: 34 ½” and 351/2” inseam. For those who are not blessed with long legs, pair them up with high heels to create an illusion of longer legs and, of course, to look incredibly classy.

Kimmie Jeans by 7 For All Mankind

All my thanks go to 7 For All Mankind, as it was the first brand that catered the need of tall women by making jeans with longer inseams.

7 Hot & Trendy Jeans For Tall Women

Their jeans are nicely cut and offer ample of coverage to the waistline . It’s a no-fail option for jeans brand when it comes to tall women with lot of curves or undefined waistline.

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Pocket Jeggings by New York and Company

For all the tall ladies out there, New York and Company brings the flawlessly awesome pocket jeggings. They will particularly work wonders on tall women with skinny frame and curves, as the inclusion of pockets would give an impression of fuller figure. Moreover, the curvy design will give a feel of utmost comfort and sexiness all day long.

Low Five Bootcut Jeans by Victoria’s Secret

The brand name says it all. Victoria’s Secret Bootcut jeans not only slim down your thighs, but they make your silhouette look instantly sexy yet sophisticated. They come in 36” inseam that hug through the thighs. Its waistband rides slightly lower, which will give you a scintillating hourglass look. Undoubtedly, no tall women would have to try too hard after wearing this low five Bootcut styled pair of jeans.

Blue Jeans by Alloy Paris

If you are lusting for a comfy pair of jeans that sits right on your waist, then you ought to try this Alloy Paris Blue Jeans. Alloy Paris blue jeans are available in umpteenth washes, cuts and styles, they offer jeans with inseams of 35”-37’’. They also make a recommendable choice for tall women, when it comes to the inexpensive price tag and reliability . Don’t forget, Alloy’s jeans are designed keeping cuts for juniors in mind, be sure to size it up first to suit your ladylike figure.

No matter how much you are willing to pay, it’s always hard to find a flattering pair of jeans, if you don’t know where to look at. But, now that you know what brands design jeans keeping your figure and size in mind, your shopping experience won’t be as frustrating as it was before.