7 Important Advices On Distance Relationship

7 Important Advices On Distance Relationship

7 Important Advices On Distance Relationship Long distance relationship needs loads of dedication. It might happen that either you or your girlfriend or boyfriend has planned to shift to a different city or country for schooling or graduation or any other coarse or even due to family reasons. You of course can’t stop your partner from going because he or she has his own life and goals to achieve.

You both must be fighting about the issue relating long distance relation whether it will work out or not. If you want to have a long distance relationship then it is very important that you both are dedicated to each other, trust each other blindly, willing to make any sacrifice for each other else you will surely end up breaking the relation.

Advice on Distance Relationship

Finding Out Time for Each Other

When you both where in the same city then you used to talk to each other almost after every 2 or 3 hours but when you are in a different city you will be busy with your own life. You both had common friends and gatherings but now you will make new friends and will be busy with them but you must try to take out time for your girlfriend or boyfriend so that he or she doesn’t feel that you don’t love him or her anymore.

You must send e-mails, have video chats or make phone calls whenever you are free. Be true to each other. Give details about your day or friends or colleagues so that your girlfriend or boyfriend feels that they still are an important part of your life. Tell him or her that you miss them a lot and just waiting for the day when you both will meet each other and will be in each other’s arms


You must trust your girlfriend or boyfriend blindly and even never try to break the other persons trust. You are away from your lover so will get attracted to other persons but if you are serious in your relation then you must have this power to control yourself from getting attracted to other person. If any of you in the relation get this feeling that the other is not a good match and you are meeting better people then you will surely end up breaking the trust and the relation too.

Don’t Be Jealous

Avoid being jealous. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is hanging out with his or her friends late at night then have trust on him or her and allow them to enjoy it.

7 Important Advices On Distance Relationship

Don’t stop them from doing so because you will soon notice that the other does not like that attitude of yours and hence you both fight and slowly don’t tell each other about your visits and friends. This will slowly hamper your relationship.

Give Surprises

Give your girlfriend or boyfriend surprises as often as you can according to your budget. Go and meet your partner whenever you get time. Send him or her gifts, letters, chocolates or flowers through your friend or courier services. These unexpected gifts will spice up your relationship and make the other feel special.

Getting Intimate

Since you both stay away from each other for months so it is important that when you meet you spend quality time with each other. Be close or get intimate to an extent of course don’t cross your limits.

This contact will make you feel that you still love each other very much. You can even remember these sweet moments when you both miss each other. When your girlfriend or boyfriend comes to meet you leaving all their work just to meet you then you too must give them your precious time and make them feel that their efforts were not in vain and you still love him or her a lot.

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Doing the Same Thing Together

7 Important Advices On Distance Relationship

Since you both are away from each other you can still feel close to each other by watching the same movie at the same time, having same hobbies and then discussing about it later on your phone. Make your breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat it together via Skype.

Think Positive

Always think positive. If the other is unable to answer your calls don’t assume that the other is busy with someone else or some one else has come in their life and taken your place. Trust your partner. Respect each others goals and allow them to live their own life without thinking that something wrong might happen or you will lose your lover. If you truly love each other you will surely handle this tough situation.

If you are unable to handle the situation then don’t go in for long distance relationship. I know it is too hard to maintain a long distance relationship but if you both love each other truly and what may ever happen you both will never leave each other then your relationship will flourish and you will not break up. Don’t think that it is difficult to handle it accept the challenge and try to maintain it.