7 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

oily skinUnlike normal and dry skin, oily skin can tend to get very greasy and shiny. Liquid foundations that form the basis of most makeup, gets quite tacky if applied to oily skin. Therefore, it is very important that women with oily skin should take care of the type of products they are using.

Or else they will end up looking like a frying pan. Apart from using specific products that can restrict the sebum production, they should make it a point to be careful with the application. Here are certain makeup tips that are useful to apply makeup on oily skin:

Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Use Primers

Primers are a very important aspect that people with oily skin should always include in their makeup regimen. A good primer that has properties of hiding enlarged pores and getting rid of greasiness is very useful.

face primer

It will make sure that the makeup looks smooth and will stay for a long time. It forms a great canvas for the makeup to spread flawlessly on the face without getting melted.

Prep The Peepers

Often women with oily skin make the mistake of using concealer on top of the eyelids. This will make the makeup crease and it will look quite untidy. Instead it is wise to use a primer specifically designed for the eyelids. The Urban Decay Prime Potion is a very good product. This will not only let the shadows and liner spread and blend smoothly but also will ensure to blot the oil that causes creasing.

Limit The Powder

It is inevitable to use a pressed or loose powder to set your makeup, but it is also important to control the amount you apply.

face powder

Too much powder application will trigger more oil production from the pores and after some time it will look greasy. Instead blend the powder with a brush for a smoother and long lasting effect. Choose a version that has matte texture and can control oil formed on the skin.

Use Blotting Sheets

blotting sheets

If your skin gets too oily and shiny, always try to carry blotting sheets along with you. There are readily available ones in the market that can soak the excess oil from your skin and make it look fresh and grease free. Remember not to rub the sheets as they may take away your base makeup, instead pat and roll on the skin.

Buy Oil-Free Products

It is best to use products that are oil-free. Nowadays most of the cosmetic companies offer makeup specially formulated for oily skin. You can choose an oil free foundation and bush as those are the basic face makeup products and can make you release more oil. Try to see tags like noncomedogenic as it will not clog the pores. Prepare your face by using a purifying cleanser and oil-free moisturizer before applying the makeup.

Choose Longwear Products

waterproof makeup

Check out if the tag on the makeup product read longwear or non-transfer. This can ensure long stay and will not melt or fade easily. Even eye products that are waterproof can be used for a smooth and easy makeup. Normal makeup can be smudgy and make you look messy.

Control Shine

garnier shine control facewash

Use treatment products that balance your skin’s oil production. Once a week go for a clay mask treatment or use tea tree oil that will restrict the sebaceous glands from producing more oil. Try to use products that are meant to control shine like Garnier Shine Control Facewash.