7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Best Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive SkinAs important it is to keep ourselves always well groomed and beautiful, it is equally important to check the products that we use to pamper us. Not all of us are blessed with perfect skin.

Moreover aging and other environmental factors can create havoc to our skin and often make it sensitive. To tackle sensitive skin is quite a task as it may react to any regular cosmetic. Therefore it is very essential that you take necessary care to tackle sensitivity of skin.

7 Makeup Tips To Tackle Sensitive Skin

Test & Buy

Most women with sensitive skin are prone to redness and irritation. Before you buy any product it is wise to test the product anywhere on the face and leave it for some times to see if it causes any irritation. If after sometimes it is quite gentle to your skin and does not cause any redness or rashes, it is suitable for you.

Choose Mineral Powders

Most professionals will agree that nothing works better than liquid foundation when it comes to base makeup.

Mineral Powders for sensative skin

However, what is the use of such makeup when it will create rashes and unevenness instead of smoothing your complexion? Invest in a high quality mineral powder that will be gentle to your skin and smoothen the texture while giving a uniform glow.

Use Less-Pigmented Blush

It is important to choose your cheek tints carefully. Cosmetic counters look tempting with numerous candy coloured blushes but since you have sensitive skin be wise in selecting them. Try to buy blushes which are less pigmented as sensitive skin can turn red very easily leaving you looking clownish. Go for a shimmery formula that gives sheer glow and enhances your foundation colour.

Check for Ingredients

This is the most crucial point you should maintain. Check if the product is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologically tested. Look out for soothing ingredients like chamomile that will prevent your skin from getting irritated.

Check Ingredients of makeup

Often shimmery makeup items consist of bismuth oxychloride which can lead to breakouts. Avoid products with such ingredients and settle for silicone based products that can also illuminate skin. Try to purchase products with SPF properties that will protect you from harmful rays of the sun.

Avoid Waterproof Cosmetics

Waterproof cosmetics, especially eye makeups are very handy and useful when it comes for occasions such as wedding and obviously for humid climates. However, these cosmetics have certain ingredients that absorb every trace of oil from your skin. If this sebum is absorbed the skin becomes drier and will prone to attract external irritants which may worsen skin condition.

Trash Old Products

We women love our makeup and almost all of us have the habit of hoarding a number of them, even if we are not using them. This is a dangerous habit as some products may have quite passed its shelf life and we are not even aware of that.

Trash Old makeup Products

Try to keep a record of your products and avoid using staffs that have crossed the expiration date. Old products often smell unpleasant and look moist and watery. Expired foundations and liquid makeup are easily identified as the colour gets separated from water.

Protect Skin

Before putting makeup it is best to create a protective shield which will prevent your makeup to work adversely. Use soothing agents like rosewater or chamomile lotions. You can opt for calming sprays like Vichy Thermal Spa Water that calms and protects skin from external agents.