7 Mature Skin Makeup Tips

Bright Makeup

MakeupIt is important to maintain yourself with proper skincare and makeup, once you hit the age button. It is not uncommon for women to go for expensive treatments and surgeries to keep them youthful. However, there are many mature women who look dazzling and glowing without going under the knife.

They follow a disciplined routine, healthy diet, anti-aging skin care and age-appropriate makeup. It is tempting to fall for striking makeup products, but we have to be careful before picking them up and check whether they will suit us or not. Here are a few makeup tips that can make mature women look gorgeous:

Best Skin Makeup Tips

Anti Aging Skin Care

A good skin care can steal away years from your face. Once you start seeing lines and enlarged pores, try to put in some extra products to combat them to your skin care routine. An anti-aging serum or a radiance cream can hydrate your skin and make you look youthful.

Anti Aging Skin Care

This will also prepare a fine base for makeup application. Wrinkles and dryness of skin can ruin any makeup and make you look more aged.

Use A Primer

Invest in a good primer and make it your best friend. Primer not only reduces the appearance of fine lines, but it refines the texture of your skin. It creates a velvety veil on your face and protects it from clogged pores. The complexion is smoothened and softened. It also ensures a long lasting makeup without getting worried about wearing off or caking.

Dewy Foundation

A liquid foundation with satin finish is the best for makeup on mature skin. This will brighten the face and enhance the positive traits, without making the complexion dull.

Dewy Foundation

A very matte foundation can add years to your face and often end up looking unnatural. A moist makeup will illuminate your skin and make you look fresh and stunning.

Cream Blush

Use of powder blush can be appealing, but to give your cheeks a touch of natural flush stick to a creamy blush. It will not be too pigmented and will set for a natural glowing effect. Blend it using a fluffy brush to make the cheek bones look roundish and plump. The subtle hue will add brightness to your whole look.

Eye Pencils

Liquid liners can look very prominent on the eyes, but it will only make your fine lines more visible. Instead use an eye pencil to line eyes. Remember to always blend the colour. If the shades are too sharp or edgy it will do no good to hide the wrinkles.

Eye Pencils

Go for softer looks by blending shades properly. It is best to use shades like brown, grey or navy instead of too pigmented or sharp hues.

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Plumping Gloss

Try to use lip glosses with a plumping effect. This will make your lips fuller and sexy. Nothing can be more glamorous that a pair of hot luscious lips.  Try to avoid dark matte lips.

Plumping Gloss

As your lips get thinner with age, dark colours may shrink them visibly. A moist and lightly pigmented lip can boost up the overall look.

Avoid Overdoing

Remember you don’t want to end up looking like a clown, so concentrate on highlighting just one feature. If you are going for a smoky eye look, go soft on the rest of the look. Too much colours will only make you look older.Remember age is just a number and cannot affect your personality. It is important to be yourself and act accordingly to be always graceful.