7 Most Effective Back Exercises For Women

Back Exercises For WomenFacing a bad back pain? Sometimes, we all feel a bit of stringing pain in our upper and lower back some day or the other and we are left in a confusing state of what to do to lessen the pain. Some people get severe back pains due to wrong sleeping position, wrong sitting postures or lack of exercising. All these factors are most common significations of back pain.

Let’s take a promise to put an end stop to this and start doing exercises to help your body. Doing back exercises on a daily basis can help a great deal in loosening the muscles of your back and your body will enjoy enhanced movement.

It will be free of pain as it will get more flexible and comfortable to move around. Not only this, it will also help in preventing any type of back pain in the future as your muscles will get stronger and healthier with each passing day of exercise.

To enjoy a stronger and better back, makes sure to follow these exercises and do them regularly with no room for laziness. The best part is you can do these simple back exercises in the comforts of your home and there’s no need to get any special fitness equipment for them.

Effective Back Exercises For Women

Forward Back Bend

This exercise targets the upper back. To perform this exercise, you need to stand with your feet a bit further apart than the width of your shoulders. Now, slowly bend in a forward position and your face should see the floor with your both arms loosened downwards.

Women forward bends

Gently raise your arms up and to your sides till they reach your shoulder level and your palms should face in an outward position. Hold the posture for a minimum of three seconds and come to the starting position. Do this again for atleast 7-10 times.

Power Shrugs

To enhance your upper back, take a weight in each of your hand and beginners should not use weight which is more than 10lbs. You can even make a fist with each hand. Now, simply stand in a straight posture with your feet slightly apart than your shoulder’s width.

Try to raise the shoulders in the highest position and hold the pose for a minimum of 5 to the maximum of 10 seconds. Do this exercise 10 times more. You can also do this in a sitting position, but make sure to sit in a completely straight posture with a straight vertical back.

Pelvic Rock

This exercise aims at strengthening the lower back. To do this, simply stand straight in a comfortable posture and place your hands on your hips. Slowly rock the top of your hips in the backward position that will help in flattening your back. Now here your thumbs will automatically turn up.

Pelvic Rock

Go back to the starting pose and this time, do the exact opposite of what you just did. Rock your hips in a forward position, with an arching back. Again, the thumbs will slightly turn up. Come back to the neutral pose and repeat this exercise 9-12 times.

The Knee Press

This exercise stretches your lower back and is also helpful in enhancing your blood circulation. Simply sit on the floor and keep your both feet together, with both soles touching one another. Now start pulling both your feet towards your hips with your hands and while doing this, make sure to keep your back straight.

Use your hands or elbows and start pressing on your knees slowly and gently in a simultaneous manner. Hold this posture for a few seconds and release your body. Repeat it again for 6-8 times.

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Back Curve

This exercise helps in giving a maximum stretch to your back muscles. To perform this, simply lie down with your stomach facing downwards on the floor. Now start raising both your legs in the upward position towards the ceiling. Hold it for atleast 3 seconds and come back to the starting pose to do it again. Increase your holding time for 5-8 seconds to make this more harder.

Shoulder Bridge

Lie down on the floor on your back with your soles of feet in a flat pose like you do in crunches and sit ups. Start pressing down with your feet, contract your butts and raise your butt in the air, with your legs and thighs in a straight line. Here, only your shoulders, hand and feet will touch the ground.

Shoulder Bridge

Hold the pose for few seconds or as long as you can. Release slowly and repeat it again. This exercise works great for strengthening and toning your lower back muscles.

Bird Dog

Take the position of a dog standing on the ground with your knees, hands and soles of your feet touching the ground. Hands should be flat with shoulder width distance and there should be a hip width distance among your knees. Start squeezing your abs, with your stomach pulling towards the spine.

Maintain your spine in a neutral position and avoid arching of your back. Now spread your right leg backwards with your left hand forward in a straight position. Now, just hold the posture as long as you can or for two to three seconds. Come back to the neutral position and do this gain 6 times on each side. This will target your lower back and lower spine and also helps in toning your glutes and hamstrings. To make this exercise more harder, you can increase the holding time of the posture for 10 seconds.

You can start doing these exercises now and complement it with a good and nutritional diet. A small advice for beginners! It is advised to do only a few repetitions at the starting phase. Later on, you can increase your repetitions, when your body gets more adapted to these. When the exercise gets more easier to do, you can increase them as per your preferences. If you have any type of severe back aches or any other major back problem, it is advised to consult your doctor before doing these exercises.