7 Most Effective Natural Cures For Migraine

migraineHeadaches are always troublesome but migraine is worse. Migraine is a chronic neurological medical condition with various symptoms. Migraine generally gives a severe throbbing headache to the sufferer. This pain is so severe that one cannot do anything but suffer in pain. It can seriously affect the quality of one’s life.

Lot of women and men suffer from migraine. Most people use medicines to counter the violent pain of migraine, however, natural cures are preferred. The success rate of natural cures of migraine is much higher than the medicinal one. We give you 7 most effective natural cures for migraine.

Natural Cures For Migraine


Aromatherapy is one of the most effective natural cures for migraine. Peppermint and lavender aroma can help you counter your migraine really well.


Drop few drops on your pillow and try and relax. You could also add a few drops of these essential oils in the last rinse of your bath for maximum benefits. Sandalwood, rosemary and eucalyptus are also equally useful. You can also visit a spa for aromatherapy.


This simple task would help you the greatest. Many a times, migraines occur due to dehydration. So keep yourself well hydrated.

Drink Water

Drink as much water as you can all through the day, at least 10-12 glasses every day. Avoid coffee and tea at all costs because this would dehydrate you further. Sip on natural juices and other fluids.


head massage

Massage your head with any oil that suits you. This may help in relieving your migraine pain a little. Massage would also help release any muscle tension that might be causing the headache. This would also help you relax better. Rest as much as you can, don’t stress yourself.

Hot And Cold Shower

Taking a hot shower can help you a great deal when you suffer from a migraine attack. Feeling hot water under your neck, back and head can help release the tension and hence help in combating migraine better. You could also stand under hot and cold water alternatively. Stand under as much hot water as you can for 2 minutes. Then switch to cold water for some time. Repeat this alternately for some time. This increases blood flow instantly and hence helps in migraine.


If you always face severe migraine, exercise regularly. Exercising increases the oxygen and blood flow to the brain. This is a preventative remedy.


By exercising regularly, you would lessen your chances of experiencing migraine by a great extent in future. So make this a habit. Exercise for at least 30-45 minutes every day. You could also go for jogging instead of exercising.


Try and increase your calcium intake. Calcium increases the blood flow and this in turn helps fighting migraine better. Increased blood flow helps reduce pain and tension in the body. But make sure that you also include magnesium with calcium to avoid upsetting your digestive system due to increased calcium intake.



Acupuncture is also considered a great natural way of curing migraine. But you must always visit or consult a specialist who knows acupuncture and has a great knowledge about acupuncture when it comes to healing your migraine. You can enrol for regular classes and you will get a lot of relief in a few days.