7 Must-Haves for Indian Wedding Makeup Kits

wedding vanity boxThe Indian bride has to be prim and proper for a few days even before marriage because of the innumerable functions involved in the wedding process.

Traditional wedding rituals like temple visits, mehendi, sagai and sangeet demand the bride to look her best every time. Often it is hectic and tiring so it is important to take care of her outfits and makeups fir for these occasions.

Here are some must-haves for the bride to carry for the wedding functions:-

Must-Haves for Wedding Makeup Kits

A Vanity Box

It is best to keep your necessary items required to apply makeup in a large vanity box. This will be easier if the functions are taking place outside your own house in some rented place or hotels.

A Vanity Box

The box should be spacious enough to store big items like moisturizer and foundation bottles. You should also carry certain plastic pouches to carry brushes and other tools. It is best to carry the zipped pouches available in the market.

Base Makeup 

Of course this is the most important thing to take care of. Fill up your box with a high quality foundation for high definition makeup as you are to be photographed every time.

Base Makeup

Lancome Teint Idole is an excellent foundation suitable for glowing look. Also it is important to keep a pressed powder handy for quick fixes. Remember it should match the exact shade of the foundation. Shiseido Powdery Foundation Compact is an ideal to give a soft angelic touch.

Cheek  & Nail Tints

A rosy blush is very essential to create a naturally flushed look. As Indian weddings demand the bride to be in grand costumes you need to keep a shimmery blush for a brighter look.

Cheek and nail tints

It will make you look healthy and enthusiastic no matter how tired you are. Take some nail polishes that match with the outfits you are about to wear and also a top coat so that the colour looks shiny.

Lip Colours

As for lipsticks it is best to keep 2 or 3 shades-one light, one neutral and one bright so that no matter what you wear  for the day, your lips colour flatters it.

mac Lip Colours palatte

If you think it is difficult to carry so many items, settle for customized palettes available in Inglot and MAC. Always keep Lip pencils of a neutral shade and one matching your bright shade for contouring and shaping your pouts. Keep a clear gloss for immediate shine and drama when required.

Eye Makeup

For eyes it is best to get palettes or quads containing at least 2 darker matte shades, one pearly shimmer and some glittery hues. Weddings are all for gorgeous eyes so a mix and match of these colours will ensure dazzling look.

Colorbar Eye Makeup

Colorbar Makeup Box has amazing shades that can create sparkling looks suitable for the occasion. A waterproof mascara and a waterproof eyeliner are the other necessary items as it is important to define your eyes and also to keep the makeup intact for long hours.

Tools & Applicators

Apart from the necessary colours it is important to keep few tools that help in the process. Keep some cotton pads, tissue papers, face blots, Q-tips and shadow applicators handy to fix and correct the makeup when necessary as it is a day for lots of activity and you need occasional retouches.

Tools & Applicators

Also it is best to keep an eye lash curler and some falsies in your kit to make your makeup look fabulous. Always make some space for tweezers for occasional taming of stray brow strands. Last but not the least keep some basic brushes like a large fluffy brush, a lip brush, a blending brush, an applicator brush and an eye brow fix brush.


Although most of your coloured items have been packed if you still have room for some extras stack with a highlighter for extra glow and contour, a moisturizer for hydration, a lip balm to keep your lips smooth, nail polish remover to remove side bleeds, hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and makeup remover for removing makeup. Try to fit in a good primer as it is quite necessary if you are going for a summer wedding to entrap the colours for long hours.