7 Natural Cure For Motion Sickness

7 Natural Cures For Motion Sickness

Traveling from one place to another is a basic necessity for some while others do it for fun. However, be it a business trip or vacation, in order to travel from one place to another, you need to travel in a boat, airplane, train, car or any other transportation.

7 Natural Cures For Motion Sickness

Though some people love undertaking such journeys, there are many who face the problem of motion sickness while traveling. This problem can prevent you from going to places. In order to cure this problem, opt for natural cures as they treat the problem in a thorough and quick manner and provide relief to the individual.

Best Natural Cure for Motion Sickness


Ginger is commonly used by many individuals to cure the problem of motion sickness. The best way to use ginger is to chop some raw pieces, crush them and put them in your mouth before travelling.

Do not swallow it, just keep it in your mouth and consume its juice. Alternately, you can also eat some ginger candy to get a lot of relief.


Choose The Right Seat

When you are in a moving vehicle which causes motion, sitting at the right seat can help to control the problem to a great extent. Sit at a place where your ride will be a smooth one and the motion will be least felt. In a plane, sit on an aisle seat near the wings. Sit in a compartment towards the front when travelling by train. In your car, always sit at the front seat. If your mode of transport is ship, try sitting somewhere in the centre of the ship.

right seat

Sitting Posture

Your sitting posture makes a lot of difference in contributing to the problem of motion sickness. Avoid standing up too frequently as this will increase the sickness. Also ensure that you keep your face in the direction of the travel. Do not move your head a lot as these kinds of actions can also aggravate the problem largely.

Sitting Posture

Eat Less

Before you start your traveling eat very little and light food items. You can also avoid eating for a while as this will help to reduce the sickness immensely. Eat some crackers, bread or a fruit. Prevent consuming too much liquid, even water before you start traveling.

eat less

Avoid Reading

If you suffer from motion sickness, it is strictly advisable not to read a book, newspaper, magazine or any reading material as this can make you feel even sicker. What happens is that your eyes stay stationery and fixed on the reading object while your body experiences the motion. This gives rise to the sensory contradiction leading to motion sickness.

Avoid Reading


Herbs like peppermint and black horehound are said to be a traditional way of curing motion sickness. These herbs are easily available at all naturopaths’ clinics in capsule or powder form.

You can also make some peppermint tea for quick relief. Consume these capsules or powders an hour before the journey to prevent motion sickness from taking place.



Homeopathic medicines like Kalium phosphate and Pulsatilla vulgaris are quite helpful in curing motion sickness. You should consult a homeopathic doctor to understand the right dosage of the medicine. He will also guide you as to when the medicine should be taken while travelling.

homeopathy medicines