7 Natural Cures for Bladder Cancer

bladder cancerAny form of cancer is a cause of major distress and tension for the patient. Bladder cancer is a type of cancer affecting the urinary bladder, commonly found in the age group of 55+ years.

The inner lining of the bladder may experience chronic irritation followed by inflammation leading to the formation of the carcinoma cells.

Bladder cancer may not be a very serious type of cancer, and is totally curable if detected early, with a few herbal treatments which are said to be able to cure it. Here’s a list of 7 natural ways to ease bladder cancer.

Natural Cures for Bladder Cancer

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a great source of Vitamin E and contains substances which are called catechins that reduce the growth of bladder cancer cells. Drink unfermented green tea a few times a day to see the effects of the tea on your cancer.

Green Tea

It is believed that epigallocatechin-3-gallate; a primary catechin present in the tea can detoxify toxic chemicals and reduce the growth of cancer cells in the bladder.

Follow the Budwig Diet

The Budwig diet is a popular form of diet prepared by a doctor named Dr. Johanna Budwig which has helped patients all over the world to get rid of their bladder cancer cells. She found that cold- pressed flaxseed oil and low fat cottage cheese with a little honey can improve the patient’s condition significantly.

However, these Trans-fats can lead to type II diabetes for insulin is a large component of this diet which does not pass through the cell membranes quickly and hence, this diet should be followed under medical supervision only.


Fruits which can reduce bladder cancer include grape seed extracts, or grape fruits or oranges.


Grape seed extract is said to enhance the anti-proliferative effect and grape fruit and oranges are citrus fruits which contain limonene which reduces the growth of the tumour.


Vegetables which reduce bladder cancer include garlic, asparagus, spinach, parsley, broccoli, tomato, cabbage and cauliflower. Garlic contains Allicin and Alliin, which blocks the development of bladder cancer. Asparagus contains IL-2 which has powerful anti-cancer properties.

Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli when taken regularly can effectively fight against cancer. Tomato contains lycopene, spinach contains vitamin E and lutein and parsley contains flavonoids; All help in fighting and delaying bladder cancer.

Mistletoe Extract

Mistletoe Extract

Mistletoe has great anti-tumour properties. Usually taken after surgery, mistletoe extracts are said to reduce the recurrence of tumours in the bladder.

Frankincense Oil

The latest find on curing bladder cancer is the application of frankincense oil. It may be an inexpensive alternative treatment for patients suffering from bladder cancer. The extract of the Somalian Frankincense herb oil, Boswellia carteri is said to possess anti cancer properties. It is assumed that this oil halts the growth of the cancer cells and then proceeds to kill them.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Bladder cancer is said to be aggravated by cigarette smoking and tobacco. Stop all kinds of consumption of tobacco and nicotine. Intake of drugs like marijuana and exposure to chlorinated water while swimming can also increase the risks of bladder cancer significantly.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Hence, maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and protect yourself from long term exposure to chemicals or infection in the urinary tract. This reduces the risks of catching bladder cancer.

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