7 Steps to Combat Adult Acne

Acne can be embarrassing for adults. You can follow a skincare regimen which can treat this condition and prevent reoccurrence. 

Seven steps to clearer skin:

1. Consistency. When you have Acne, you should be consistent in treatment and not switch from one product to the other, which can only exacerbate the condition. Therefore, stick to one regimen for some months to give your skin time to react. Results cannot be found instantly because blemishes take weeks to form before you can notice them on the face. Thus the Acne can look bad before it manifests on the face, while the products are working to get rid of blemishes beneath your skin.

2. Begin afresh. You should cleanse the skin daily in the morning and night with a cleanser that fights Acne. Many people are under the impression that cleaning in the morning is not needed as the makeup has been removed overnight, but then oils and pollutants build up as you sleep.

3. Get rid of dead skin. Remove the dead skin through exfoliation, which will also get rid of debris, dirt and oil, and encourages new cell turnover, minimizing the Acne scars. Remember not to use defoliators often or scrub too vigorously, as it can result in small cuts on the surface of the skin which will allow bacteria to settle and cause scars.

4. Hydration. Adult skin requires moisturizing because as we get older, the skin becomes drier. Even though the skin is oily, a lightweight moisturizer is needed once a day at least. Moreover, Acne treatment can be harsh on dry skin.

5. Spot treatment. Spot treatment is the best way to get rid of blemishes.

6. Mask your problem. Blemishes can be covered up with facial masks. Use a facial mask having anti-inflammatory and oil-absorbent ingredients. If you apply it weekly, Acne masks can clear the blemished areas and make them look calm and with no inflammation. Importantly, they clear the blemishes quickly by destroying the bacteria that is blocking the hair follicles.

7. Ask for help. When your Acne persists, you should consult a professional dermatologist. When you start treatment early, you can successfully prevent scars and discoloring of skin.