7 Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Women

7 Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Women

Bladder Infection in WomenBladder infections can be really displeasing for any woman. One must take good care when suffering from bladder infection. Special attention needs to be paid to personal hygiene and host of other factors. Bladder infections are not something to be worried about if treated on time.

However, one must not delay in curing this infection otherwise it can really prove to be bothersome. It even has a tendency of coming back soon again. One can prevent the occurrence and reoccurrence of bladder infection if one knows about its symptoms from beforehand. The 7 main symptoms of bladder infection in women have been given below.

7 Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Women

Pain While Urinating

The first and foremost symptom is when you feel some pain while urinating. This pain is often experienced along with a burning sensation. Bladder infection shows its first sign with this symptom. You must take care if this situation pertains and check with your doctor immediately.

Fatigue With Ill Feeling


If you often feel tired and have a feeling of being ill; make sure you check yourself up for bladder infection. Bladder infection can actually make you feel fatigued at all time. This can also be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Always watch out for the symptoms to avoid worsening your problem.

Urge To Urinate Frequently

If you feel the need to urinate again and again but you do not really urinate much when you try, this should press the alarm for you. Bladder infection makes you feel the need to urinate without actually urinating much. This may happen right after you have emptied your bladder. You must first fix an appointment with your doctor and get yourself checked for bladder infection at the earliest.

Fevers And Chills

Fevers And Chills

Fevers and chills are other important symptoms to look for. If you suddenly feel you are getting fever and this fever is accompanied with chills, please check up with your doctor as soon as you can. Bladder infection can get you low temperature often and make you feel chilly suddenly in the midst of summers too.

Heavy And Tender Belly

If you feel your belly to be heavier than usual or tender than it normally is, you might be suffering from bladder infection. You should not delay it any further and must rush to your doctor for the cure.

Abdominal Pain

If you suddenly experience severe abdominal pain and it keeps coming back and going away, check up with your doctor immediately.

Abdominal Pain

Bladder infection should never be taken lightly. If treated well in time; you can save yourself all the trouble and botheration. You may even experience cramps in the lower abdomen. This pain can be unbearable so getting it treated fast is the best solution.

Cloudy And Smelly Urine

If while urinating, you notice that your urine smells a lot and that it looks cloudy, be alert. You should notice if your urine has a strong odour. You must take action to cure it at an early stage before it spreads further and does you harm. Bladder infection in women is very common and so one must pay heed to its symptoms to avoid its occurrence.

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