7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup

7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup

7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup If you a true fashionista  and a keen observer, then you might have noticed the beautiful natural make-up, which has become extremely popular these days. Also known as nude make up, the natural make up is all about getting the natural looking sheen on the face with minimal usage of cosmetics.

The idea is to pick the subtle shades of cosmetics, to keep the look understated yet appealing. The concept of natural make up is to highlight the best of your features without going overboard with layers of cosmetics. The natural makeup also gives you a softer and more delicate look, while adding a natural glow to your face.

However, natural make up requires some preparation, before you are ready to bare your natural beauty to the world. So, here are some tips on how to do natural makeup, to make it flawless and perfect to flaunt your natural beauty.

How to Do Natural Makeup

Skin Care

Since, natural make up is all about accentuating the natural beauty; you must take care of the skin to get it right. Keep you skin well moisturized and healthy to bare it on a public platform, with ease and confidence. Well maintained skin is the basic requirement for the natural make up.

The natural make-up will compliment your radiant skin and make you look absolutely stunning without layers of cosmetic. On the contrary, if your skin is dull, rough or patchy; you might refrain from revealing it to the world, as natural make-up will not do any good to cover it. In fact, rough skin will clearly be visible through the minimal make up.

Therefore healthy skin the mantra for dazzling natural make-up. Spend some quality time to get your skin ready for a natural make up by pampering it to the core. Vitamin-E based moisturizer is a must-have for you; if you are aiming for a natural make-up.


Once you are confident with your skin and ready to carry off the natural make-up with great elan, it’s time to get the right shade of foundation. Foundation for the natural make-up is used only to create an even skin tone with a smooth finish and to add a beautiful texture to your skin.

7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup

Apply the foundation gently on the T-zone of your face and blend it nicely to set into the skin. Apply it on the neck area as well to get an even complexion. Pick up the foundation one shade lighter than your complexion, if you have an oily skin. Foundation tends to get one shade darker on oily skin due to sweat and oil and the lighter shade will eventually match your natural skin tone. If you match the complexion with the foundation, you will look darker than your natural complexion.


After foundation, it’s time for concealer. However, keep the usage of concealer to the minimal to avoid a made-up look. Similar to foundation, pick up a concealer one shade lighter than the skin tone. Use it to hide the problem areas on the skin and dark circles. You can choose to apply the concealer as per your convenience, before or after applying the foundation. Both the ways are correct for concealer application.


Once your natural make up base is ready, it is time to apply some blush. No make up is complete without the dash of blusher on your cheeks. Choosing the right shades are the key to natural make up. Pick up a warm and delicate shade to compliment your cheekbones. Rosy pink or peach are the most natural shades for blusher.

7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup

Cream blushers are also most suitable for natural make up, as it does not give a dramatic effect. Use the blusher to get the natural radiance and glow on your cheeks, the same as the flushed look when you get back home after an exercise routine or from the hot climate.

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Eye shadow & Eye Liner

Eye shadow is the most tricky, when you are trying to get a natural or nude make-up. A bright and prominent eye shadow will spoil your natural look completely. Be careful and choose extremely subtle and soft shades for your eyes.

Browns, grays and similar other shades are considered natural and light, to add a sheen to your eyes without any theatrical touch. Also, go easy on liners. Just a thin line to define eyes will do wonders. Remember, it is natural make-up. Try and keep it as minimal as possible.


Black mascara is an absolute No-No for natural make-up. It will give your eyes a strong appeal, which is not the idea for a natural make up.

7 Tips To Do Natural Makeup

Make your eyes look softer and natural with brown mascara. Your lashes must be clean and glob free. Mascara has no role to play in natural make up. It will only make your lashes visible.


Finally, it is time for the most important aspect of natural makeup- lipstick. Bold lips and natural makeup are poles apart and conceptually opposite to each other. Replace your lipstick with a glossy lip balm. Lip balm will highlight your natural lip color beautifully.

Berry stained lips are also perfect for natural make-up. Keep your lips smooth, exfoliated and healthy. Chipped lips will be more visible in natural makeup. Remember, natural make up is based on your natural beauty, so keep it healthy to carry the nude or natural make up with loads of attidude.