7 Tricks To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Make Your Diamond Look BiggerWho among us will not like to flaunt a big diamond ring? But sadly most of us cannot afford such a luxury. In order to make your diamond look bigger and your engagement ring appear more glamorous than its true carat value, certain techniques can be applied. The shape, cut and setting of stones has a great impact on the apparent look of a diamond. The trick is to manipulate this.

Choose Uncommon Shapes

Diamonds with special shapes look larger than their traditional counterparts. Elongated diamonds especially look bigger, for example those having pear or oval structures.

Diamonds with special shapesInnovative Setting Techniques

Cobblestone or pave setting of diamonds give an appearance of a large glamorous diamond ring. In truth however it involves a close setting of many small diamonds. However, this kind of setting can be more expensive than a single diamond hence basically it defeats the original purpose.

Another way is to set your diamond on a mirror like plate before mounting on a band so as to give the illusion of a bigger stone when light is reflected off it. However, the downside of this technique is that it is difficult to repair such a ring if it is damaged.

Cobblestone or pave setting of diamondsWhite gold or platinum rim completely encircling the middle diamond and blending with its texture can really enhance its appearance. This kind of setting can give an illusion of a bigger stone than its original size.

White gold or platinum rimUse Of Accessory Stones

You can always choose a ring with different side stones along with a larger centrally placed diamond. This is an ideal way to make your ring look real glamorous.

Choose a ring with different side stonesChoose A Shallow Cut

A shallow cut diamond gives out the appearance of being larger than its deeper cut counterpart of the same diameter. However, if the cut is too shallow, what it gains in weight and size it loses in its brilliance since it is unable to reflect much light. Also they are prone to getting chipped easily and are comparatively more brittle, but the good news is that they also come cheaper. So, if you are ready to compromise a bit on quality to get quantity go ahead and buy.

Choose A Shallow Cut diamondGet Clean And White Stones

Diamonds with better clarity reflect more light and hence give out the appearance of being bigger than their actual size. Similarly white diamonds also shine brilliantly and look larger.

Get Clean And White StonesElevated Setting

Set your stone higher on the ring to make it appear larger. That is the reason why a prong setting is always a better choice than a basket setting. A basket or low set diamond makes it seem lost inside the mounting whereas an elevated or prong set one makes it prominent and allows it to reflect more light.

Set your stone higher on the ringThinner Mount

Obviously a diamond set within a thinner mounting is bound to appear larger and more elegant and stylish than that with a broader mount.

However, the most important of all is the maintenance of your cherished diamond on a day to day basis. Then only will it be able to remain your pride and joy. A dirty stone looks small and dull so regular cleaning with mild soap or ammonia can keep the luster and make it appear large and brilliant for your entire life. After all everybody knows that, ‘Diamonds Are For Ever’.

Thinner Mount