7 Ways To Treat Skin Cysts

7 Ways To Treat Skin Cysts

7 Ways To Treat Skin Cysts Sac like growths with deep roots inside the skin and filled with fluids are referred to as cysts. Skin cysts are visible on the surface of the skin and usually do not need medical intervention until they are infected or turn painful. These cysts can be treated with effective home remedies but if conditions deteriorate you need to consult your dermatologist immediately. Here are some such easy home remedies which are useful in treating cysts.

Treating Skin Cysts

Warm Compresses

You will need a tub of warm water to drop in a towel till well soaked. Squeeze excess water after a minute and place this moist warm towel just over the skin cyst. You will have to keep this moist towel on the cyst for at least 20 minutes. The heat will melt the hard sections of the cyst and will slowly shrink the cyst. The cyst shall start healing slowly and will disappear after a few treatments. A heating pad can also be used for the purpose.

Sandalwood Paste and Rosewater Pack

Prepare a mixture using rosewater and sandalwood and apply it on the cyst. Let it remain for at least 30 minutes. This works excellently in soothing the inflammation.

Clay Mask

7 Ways To Treat Skin Cysts

Skin cysts especially on the face look ugly and need to dry out soon. A home made clay mask when applied regularly and left over can dry  such cysts quickly. This mask will remove the fluid inside the cyst which slowly reduces the size.

Turmeric Face Pack

Antiseptic and healing powers of turmeric are known since ages. A pack made using equal quantities of turmeric and mint juice can dry out and heal cysts completely. This pack can be applied on the cyst and left over for 20 minutes. It cools the skin and relieves any kind of itchiness and burning sensation while gradually healing it. It also prevents further cysts from erupting.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works well to treat sebaceous cysts and heals them completely. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can extract its gel from the leaves and apply it on the effected area for best results.


Several times skin infections  arise due to poor cleansing habits. It is important to keep the skin clean clean, especially for those who suffer from oily skin.

7 Ways To Treat Skin Cysts

A natural antibacterial cleanser or an organic soap can be used to wash sensitive areas, especially around the cyst. Many oil free products are available  too for oily skin. Moreover, it is important to remove makeup and keep the skin clean so that the infection does not spread much.

Natural Oils

Tea tree, orange  and golden seal oil are quite useful in treating cysts. You need to apply tea tree oil just on the infected area and let it stay overnight. Orange as well as golden seal oil have antiseptic and anti bacterial properties which help in getting rid of infections and reduces the inflammation of the cysts.

Hope these treatments will take care of skin cysts effectively at home.