8 Angelic Wedding Makeup Looks

wedding makeup looks

wedding makeup looksWedding day is the day when a girl would want to look her best. The bride is the centre of attention for that day and she should look accordingly. Every eye should be on her and so her looks should be suitable to fit the occasion and turn her the Queen of that day. Here are 8 beautiful wedding makeup looks that can turn any girl into Angelic brides:

Best Wedding Makeup Looks

Natural Beauty

Generally wedding day calls for brighter shades for makeup, but what about brides who hate louder hues to cover their natural features! A nude palette of colours can create a fresh girly look. Go for a primer and a dewy foundation to make the base.

Keep your eye makeup to minimal by only highlighting the lashes with mascara. If you want a bit of definition line your eyes with a black or brown pencil and smudge for a subtle preciseness. Apply a nude gloss or lipstick.

Smoky Eyes And Nude Lips

smoky eyes

This look is concentrated on bright and sultry eyes. Create a smoky eye effect with copper or brown shades and finish off by applying a layer of thin black liner just above the lashes and then a coat of mascara. This intense eye will be strikingly contrasting with a nude matte lips.

Long Lashes And Bright Lips

Use a lash gel to groom your lashes and curl them. Apply a thickening mascara to make it appear fuller. You can opt for falsies for a dramatic effect. Paint your lips bright with a bold red, mauve or fuchsia colour.

Winged Eyes And Glossy Lips

This vintage look goes well with every girl. Use a black gel eyeliner for a bright definition on the eyes. For the wedding day it is best to create a slightly thicker winged line. Apply a coat of mascara.

winged eyes

Use a high-shine lip gloss in your choice of colour. If you have pale complexion go for peaches or pinks, for wheatish complexions opt for berries or plums and for darker complexions use wines or browns.

Silvery Eyes And Pink Lips

Start this fairy-like look by using a silver shadow to line the upper and lower lashes and then lining the upper water line with black and the lower water line with a white pencil. Finish with a coat of lengthening mascara.

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Shimmery Eyes And Coral Lips

This amazing summery makeup can create radiating look for any bride. Use a shimmery gold shadow on the base of your eye lids. Make it brighter by applying a matte copper colour around it and then lengthening the lashes. Go for a bright coral colour on the lips.

Glowing Cheeks And Rosy Lips

rosy lips

Apply a highlighter on the apples of your cheeks for a light reflecting glow. You can blend some cream peach blush along with it for a beautiful flush. Apply a creamy lip colour in rosy pink and soften it by gently patting with your fingers.

Aquamarine Eyes And Lilac Lips

This look is suitable for brides who want to go for a dramatic effect. Use an electric blue shadow and angled brush to line the lash lines and blend with a pearly white for a softer smudgy effect. Line the inner rims with a black liner and thicken the lashes with a mascara. Apply a soft plum or lavender colour on the lips for a perfect finish.