8 Best Face Beauty Tips For Women

8 Beauty Tips For Face For Women

8 Beauty Tips For Face For Women Face is the most appealing part of the body. Complexion does not define the beauty of a person; however, it is important to maintain the texture and glow. There are different ways to keep the skin young and healthy. The tips that complement the oily skin are different from the ones that harmonize the mixed skin type.

Therefore, always be cautious and follow the beauty tips that complement your skin tone.

8 Beauty Tips to Gain a Healthy Skin


The first step to obtain a visibly fairer and a healthy looking glowing skin is cleansing. It is very necessary to clean your face daily. Using a face wash is not a complete solution. The skin needs scrubbing as well. The skin contains pores; those are closed due to the dust and dirt particles that get accumulated in the skin.

Moreover, the daily application of make-up can harm the skin manifolds, if the make-up is worn for long hours. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the skin with a good quality cleaner every day, after you use a face wash and a scrub. However, the choice of the cleaner typically depends upon the type of skin one possesses.

The people having oily skin must avoid the cleaners that contain additional jojoba oil. This is because; jojoba oil adds oil to the dry skin in order to help the face in maintaining its normal oil level. For that reason, the oily skinned people must use the cleaner that contains no oil. The dry skinned people must use a cleaner that contains jojoba oil. The people that posses mixed skin must use the selective range of cleaner that contains a regulated level of jojoba oil.


However, moisturizing is a very simple step that almost everyone is aware of; but in the absence of this step, the skin loses its natural charm and glow.

8 Beauty Tips For Face For Women

Therefore, the second tip to attain a glowing and a beautiful skin is moisturizing. Though, you must choose the moisturizer according to the skin type that you possess. The freshly cleansed skin must be covered with a thin layer of moisturizer to ease the irritation caused due to scrubbing.


This step is usually not taken seriously by women. Though, in the absence of toning, you are missing a very important step. Un-toned face eventually loses its elasticity and the skin becomes dull and loose. The pores of the skin remain open and they become more prone to dust and dirt.

Thus, it is necessary to apply a toner after cleansing and moisturizing. These three simple steps (cleaning, moisturizing and toning) are enough to minimize more than half of the skin problems like pigmentation, dullness, dryness and acne, when they are followed regularly. The more you say no to the harmful chemical products and incline towards the use of herbal face products, the more you give your face a chance to remain younger and healthier for long.

Apply Sunscreen

Sun rays can cause great harm to your skin. Therefore, avoid the direct contact of your face with the harmful sunrays. Always apply a sunscreen half an hour before you step out in the sun. You can also apply curd to your face 30 minutes before you go out. Curd is a natural sunscreen and is a very powerful anti-tanning agent too. Its use 30 minutes before the face is exposed to sun rays can even treat the skin damaged due to sunrays.

Herbal Face Packs

However, the three basic skin care mantras (cleaning, moisturizing and toning) are enough to offer a long lasting glow to the skin, but the face needs that extra amount of pampering and care in order to attain and maintain a natural blush. You must apply a herbal (or homemade) face pack thrice a week.

Amazing Home Beauty Tips For Face

The type of face pack depends upon the type of skin you have. The people suffering from pigmentation must apply the lemon face pack, the people suffering from acne must apply the turmeric face pack and the people who have a glowing skin must apply the rose water and the honey face pack .This is because; lemon contains strong oxidation properties.

This reduces pigmentation naturally. Turmeric contains healing and antibiotic properties; therefore, the problem of acne is cured. Rose water and honey are strong skin tightening substances that offer a pinkish blush to the skin naturally.

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Avoid Experimentation

The skin of the face is very sensitive. It reacts very easily to the various products applied on it. Therefore, stop applying a range of products to your face and find that one simple product that complements your skin type and tone, both. The face cells undergo a great deal of damage when they are subjected to various products one after the other.

Yet another useful tip is, do not apply moisturizer directly to your face. The cells find it difficult to absorb the moisturizer directly. Thus, apply the cream that best suits you, and then apply the moisturizer. These few simple tips, when followed, can help your face in becoming radiant, fairer, healthier and beautiful.

Use the Eye Shadow Wisely

Eye Make-up offers a smoky look that can make you look hotter. However, it is very important to use the eye shadow wisely. Choose the colors depending upon your complexion and the clothes that you wear. Once you select the colors, you need to follow certain rules. Apply the darkest color gently across the eyelid lining.

8 Beauty Tips For Face For Women

Use the lightest color to fill the middle portion, and use a contrasting color that matches your complexion to fill the area just below your eyebrow. Always apply the kajal before you start with your eye makeup. Smoky eyes make the face look dazzling and beautiful. Never forget to remove the eye make-up before you go to sleep.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

What you eat has direct effect on your skin. Thus, eat healthy and let your face remain fresher, younger and glowing. The more fruits and green vegetables you eat, the lesser skin problems you encounter. It is even advisable to drink as much water as you can. All these simple tips help you in attaining a flawless and a seamless skin that naturally glows all the time.

Therefore, pamper your skin big time and allow your face to breathe fresh, irrespective of the changing weather conditions around you. By keeping some simple tips in mind, you can actually get a skin that you can flaunt during every season.