8 Best Home Remedies To Induce Labor

Home Remedies To Induce LaborAs a woman approaches the fortieth week of pregnancy, she is more than ready to ‘pop’. Towards the end of the third trimester, a gynecologist may recommend ways and means to induce natural labor.

Different techniques to induce natural labor are generally recommended to women who have not experienced any kind of complication during the entire course of their pregnancy. If you are ‘pro’ natural birthing process, then there are numerous ways and means to ‘ripen’ the cervix and initiate the birthing process.

Best Home Remedies to Induce Labor

It is important to understand, that any home remedy to induce labor, should only be initiated after getting an all clear signal from your physician. Most of these tried and tested home remedies can kick start the labor process, although they do not offer a one hundred percent success rate. Listed below are some home remedies to induce labor.

Take Evening Primrose Oil

This home remedy has been around for quite a while. To kick start the birthing process, women in the late stages of pregnancy are advised to take two to three capsules of evening primrose oil orally during the course of the day. Generally, this particular home remedy is recommended to women who have crossed the thirty sixth week of pregnancy.

Evening Primrose Oil

Alternately, you can also insert two or three capsules of evening primrose oil through your vagina into the cervix before turning in for the night. This particular option may prove slightly messy but it is nonetheless effective.

Castor Oil

Just before going into labor, many women experience a bout of severe diarrhea. This is actually the body’s natural way of making space for the safe passage of the baby from the uterus. Sometimes the natural birthing process can be stalled because the pregnant woman is having severe constipation.

To counter or offset this problem, a gynecologist may recommend that the pregnant lady consume two or three tablespoons of castor oil. Castor oil will help to loosen the bowels. This in turn can aid a woman to go into labor.

Raspberry Leaf

For this particular home remedy, you can either procure dried raspberry leaf, or raspberry leaf extract sold in the form of gel capsules. If you have purchased dried raspberry leaf, you can prepare a strong brew with it. Simply add one or two teaspoons of dried raspberry leaf to a kettle of boiling water.

Raspberry Leaf

Allow the raspberry leaf to steep in the hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain the dried raspberry leaf. Drink the raspberry leaf tea with a teaspoon of sugar and a twist of lemon juice. Pregnant women should drink two to three glasses of fresh raspberry tea to induce labor. Alternately, you can also take one or two gel capsules containing raspberry leaf extract to induce labor.


Feast on fresh pineapple to induce labor. Pineapple contains a natural enzyme called bromelain. This particular enzyme is known to soften the cervix. Once the cervix is softened the labor process will start naturally. Consuming large amounts of fresh pineapple can cause diarrhea. Increased bowel motility can also induce labor.

Spicy Food

Rural women have been using this particular home remedy for centuries to kick start the labor process. To initiate labor, eat extremely spicy food, especially after you cross the thirty sixth week of pregnancy.

Spicy Foods

You can consume spicy curries or ultra hot soups. Spicy food can stimulate the stomach. This in turn can trigger uterine contractions, which will start the labor process.

Stimulate the Nipples

Massage your nipples gently in a circular motion with your fingers. Massaging your nipples with your fingers mimics a baby’s suckling. You can massage your nipples several times a day till the labor process actually begins.

Ideally, massage each nipple for five minutes at a time. After massaging your nipples wait for fifteen to twenty minutes to see whether the labor process starts or not.

Date Fruit

Women who ate fresh date fruits regularly after the thirty sixth week of pregnancy went into labor faster. Certain natural enzymes present in the date fruit can cause the cervix to dilate.

Date Fruit

This in turn can start the labor process. Pregnant women are advised to eat anywhere between six and eight date fruits a day after crossing the thirty sixth week of pregnancy.

Warm Bath

Expectant mothers are advised to relax in a tub of luke warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. The warm water can soothe pregnant women not only physically but emotionally as well.

Warm Bath

When a pregnant woman is feeling extremely relaxed, there is a higher chance of going into labor, as the cervix starts to dilate. Pregnant women are advised to relax in a tub of warm water and not hot water, as very hot water can actually distress the fetus.