8 Best Makeup For Natural Look

natural look makeup

natural look makeupNatural makeup look or Nude makeup look actually deals with putting on makeup that does not look made up. It highlights and elaborates on flaunting the best features on your face, with subtle hints of colour or sometimes without any colour.

However, nothing can be uglier than natural makeup gone wrong. Your face may end up looking too washed out if you cannot add the right colour at the right places. Here are 8 rules to be followed to create a natural makeup look:

Makeup For Natural Look

Brighten Eyes

To create a fresh look try to brighten the eye area. You don’t want to show unflattering dark shadows, so use a brightening cream to hide them. This will fill up lines and wrinkles and give you a healthy and bright eye area

Freshen Skin

The essence of a natural look is a clear and fresh skin. Clean the skin out of dirt and oil. Apply a good moisturizer and if you want a very simple look, opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream.

freshen skin

Sometimes face primer acts as a very effective agent to even out complexion and refining pores. If you cannot think of makeup without foundation, opt for a lightweight water-based one to avoid being your makeup overdone.

Targeted Concealing

A concealer becomes an absolute necessity for a flawless face, no matter what kind of makeup you are looking for. Hide your imperfections with a concealer that suits your complexion.

Try to blend it with either a brush or a moist sponge. If you use your fingers try to pat and dab by spreading it on the targeted area, but never rub.

Get A Glow

To get a beautiful glow stick to a bronzer. As the look is natural, try to limit the bronzing effect by applying it with a fluffy brush on the apples of the cheeks and at the sides of the nose. Remember to use a bronzer devoid of any shimmer, as it may ruin your idea of natural look.

Easy Breezy Lashes

Easy Breezy Lashes

Try to go simple on the eyes, by only targeting to flatter the lashes. Use a mascara to brighten your lashes. If you want an absolutely free of makeup eyes, opt for a colourless mascara, just to groom the lashes.

A Natural Blush

Choosing the right kind of blush gives a subtle glow to your face. Use a pink or peach cream blush for a subtle glow if you have pale complexion. For whitish or dark skin tones, go for berry pinks or neutral earthy shades. Remember to blend it with a blush brush as too much pigment may be an eye sore.

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Soft Highlights

Use a highlighter to apply on the cheeks and around the eyes for a beautiful glowing effect. Never use too much, as a little will be enough to give a natural shine.

A little on the bridge of the nose and on your forehead can create an impression of healthy skin, on bad skin days. Remove any extra product by dusting off with a brush.

Shimmery Lips

shimmery lips

A soft shimmery lip look is ideal for natural makeup. Try to use a clear gloss or lip balm with a little shimmer on the lips for an attractive look. Nowadays lip balms from Nivea and Maybelline give a lovely shine and slight tint while nourishing the lips.