8 Best Organic Makeup Brands

Best Organic And Natural Skin Care Tips

Best Organic And Natural Skin Care TipsOrganic makeup products are essentially made of natural ingredients that are devoid of any chemicals and artificial contents. As most women have to apply makeup on a daily basis to keep them well groomed and beautiful, these organic makeup products are an ideal choice for them.

Chemical base makeup can be harsh and damaging to skin causing further complications and skin ailments so organic makeup has come as a saviour and a big hope for us.

8 Best Makeup Brands In Organic Makeup

Physician’s Formula

Generally when it comes to organic makeup products we often get worried for the budget as most of them are highly expensive, but this brand is one exceptional as it is affordable just like any drugstore product and also gives quality that we look for. Their blushes are excellent and give natural luminous skin to the wearer.

Ecco Bella

Known for their awesome coloured lipsticks this brand offers the best quality product that are devoid of the damaging artificial ingredients.

Ecco Bella

They are gluten-free and hold no mal-contents like preservatives and dyes. Their body care products and makeup range can brighten up any woman’s vanity.

Pure & True

This is a truly luxurious and rich organic brand that produces very high quality products to give skin the ultimate in premium makeup.

Pure & True

Not only the products make you look a million bucks with their totally chemical free colours but also leave your skin pampered and treated to a new level. Their social and charity projects involvement make them a must-buy for women who are conscious of beauty with a social cause.

Bare Minerals

Sheer texture with a great coverage capability, Bare Minerals is one of the sought after makeup brands in the world. With a wide array of products ranging from flawless finish foundations to rich pigmented shadow colours, their products are recognised and loved by women of every age and ethnicity.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics

This unique brand offers a natural makeup treasury with a promise of long hours stay. As the name suggests their makeup lasts for a long time and ideal for days where you have to remain perfect for a long time with little or no chances for retouching. Their products being free from any preservatives and synthetic contents are equally gorgeous and great in quality.

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Sephora Natural & Organic

One of the largest cosmetic chains in the world, Sephora’s take on green makeup and cosmetics, is equally varied and enormous with a whole range of items offered for the lovers of organic makeup. Their products are devoid of harmful dyes and gluten and create glamorous looks with ease.


This range of premium makeup products, made from natural and organic extracts, offer a luxurious and replenishing care to any individual.


Splurge yourself into  the ultimate ecstasy with their range of extremely invigorating makeup products that give your skin a spa-like transformation and offer a salon-like makeover.

Zuii Organic

If you love flowers you will get addicted to this range of cute products that are extensively being generated from floral extracts. Not only they come in candy cute shades, but are soft and soothing to any skin. Their lip glosses and eye colours can create any kind of makeup in an instance with a single stroke of the brush.