8 Cosmetics for Neon Makeup

Cosmetics for Neon MakeupWith the advent of beautiful spring, sunny weather and chirping birds, our dormant spirits are trying to break free and experience freedom from the mundane long wintery shades of grey. The warm glistening weather tempts our hearts to experiment on brighter colours for our wardrobe and beauty. The onset of spring and the blossoming flowers inspire the child in us to come out and have some fun.

Here is the time to enjoy with bright and bold hues in makeup. A splash of Neon colours can add to the fun in our makeup. However, instead of sporting an all neon look, it is better to show a single pop of bright colour concentrated on a particular area, and keeping the rest simple. A bright green eye liner, or an orange lip colour or hot pink on the nails can further enhance the joyful mood. Here are some cosmetics that are perfect for a neon makeup.

Cosmetics for Neon Makeup

Milani Paint Eyeshadow Palette

An amazing array of different neon shades with an artistic touch, this palette is every woman’s dream. The shades can be mixed and matched for a rainbow effect or a single colour can be chosen for a bright pop up. The colours are smooth and glide on easily without creasing or fading.

Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipstick In Clementine

This bright and shiny lipstick is tangerine at its best. The creamy texture reaches every crease of the lips to give high pigment and the shine stays for long hours without wearing off.applying Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipstick in Clement This super wearable colour leaves the lips smooth and prevents them from getting chapped.

Scotch Naturals Watercolors Nail Polish In Paisley Martini

This water based colour is one of the prettiest pink for your nails. Devoid of any harsh chemicals this colour takes care of your nails and prevents it from chipping and peeling.

YSL Crrme De Blush in Nº 5 In Fuchsia Temptation

This is one of the best blushes to flatter you cheeks. This colour brightens the whole look and infuses a healthy flush to your face.

YSL Creme De Blush in Nº 5 In Fuchsia Temptation

It’s creamy but soft texture blends smoothly into the skin.

Bobbi Brown Neon Sheer Color Lipgloss In Ultra Violet

This sheer gloss leaves an electrifying hue on the lips. Its extra shine formula illuminates the lips for a more glamorous makeover. Enriched with botanical extracts, this purple leaves the lips tenderly caressed.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer In Sizzle

This bright coral creates a bold statement look for your nails. The colour is high shined and brightens up even the dullest of days. Suitable for every complexion this colour does not leave the nails yellow and chipped.

Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Eyeshadow Palette

This palette of 12 outstanding shades can create significant transformations to any eye makeup.Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Eyeshadow Palette

The matte highly pigmented colours can conjure up the eyes for beautiful and mesmerizing looks.

Bourjois  Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner In Bleu Neon

This colour suitable for a night out with friends can grab all attention to your striking peepers. This crease-resistant colour stays for long hours and ensures to turn your eyes sexy and sultry.So these are few of the cosmetics that can transform you into the 80s Rock Chick with their bright neon colours.