8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea

8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea

8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea Rosacea is a skin disease that affects individuals of all ages. This poorly understood but widespread skin disorder is characterized by excessive redness of the skin and appearance of skin sores that look like pimples. Rosacea a chronic skin ailment can cause the skin to appear permanently flushed. Detailed medical research has shown that fair skinned people and women are more likely to suffer from rosacea.

An Insight into Rosacea

The harmless nonetheless embarrassing skin condition called rosacea afflicts nearly sixteen million individuals in the United States and a whopping forty five million people worldwide. Facial redness, thickening of the skin, appearance of skin spots, presence of spider veins, burning sensation and a permanently flushed appearance are some of the typical symptoms of rosacea. Some individuals with rosacea may complain of a feeling of soreness or a burning sensation in their eyes.

Effective Treatments for Rosacea

This easily diagnosable skin condition can be treated effectively with a combination of medication and simple dietary / lifestyle changes. Some effective treatment options to combat the non contagious skin condition called rosacea have been revealed in this article.

Cleanse Skin Gently

People who suffer from rosacea should clean their skin thoroughly using mild soap free skin cleansers. Rosacea sufferers should stay away from conventional beauty soaps and grainy face washes as it can further irritate their already inflamed skin.

8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea

Facial cleansers containing alcohol as a primary ingredient should be completely avoided. Overzealous cleansing of facial skin with a rough textured wash cloth can aggravate this skin condition. So, if you have rosacea ensure that you cleanse your facial skin with utmost gentleness.

Apply Organic Sunscreen

Extended sun exposure can aggravate this skin condition. So, it is imperative that rosacae sufferers apply sunscreen every time they step outdoors. Conventional sunscreens contain numerous ingredients which can aggravate rosacea skin problem. On the other hand, organic sunscreens and mineral sun blocks are devoid of chemical UV absorbers and nano-particles which can irritate the skin.

Organic sunscreens are prepared from mineral and plant extracts. Organic sunscreens tend to be slightly more expensive than conventional sunscreen. If you cannot afford organic sunscreen apply a mild sunscreen that is specifically designed for babies.

Avoid the Heat

Individuals who suffer from rosacea should protect themselves from hot, humid conditions. Heat can cause the already flushed facial skin to appear highly inflamed. Ideally, people with rosacea should stay indoors where the temperature is much cooler.

Whenever a person with rosacea steps outdoors he / she should apply a sunscreen and wear a large sun hat. It is also important to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. To keep facial skin cool, spray clean water on the face at regular intervals.

Avoid Warm Foods and Beverages

8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea

As mentioned earlier, heat is the number one enemy of this particular skin condition. So, it is not only imperative to avoid hot / humid environmental conditions, but it is equally important to avoid food / beverages that are served piping hot. Eating or drinking hot foods / beverages can cause the body temperature to rise. This can cause skin to appear flushed or inflamed.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Foods spiked with a lot of chilies should be shunned. Spicy foods can cause a lot of distress to people having rosacea. Individuals who have this chronic skin condition should eat mildly spiced or even bland food. To add flavor to food, replace spices with natural herbs.

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Avoid Hot Water Baths

Avoid hot water baths at all costs if you have rosacea. A hot water bath can aggravate this skin condition further. At the most you can have a bath in lukewarm water. Doctors typically advice rosacea patients to take cold showers to soothe highly inflamed facial skin.


Individuals who suffer from mild to severe rosacea are prescribed a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics which are typically prescribed to patients with rosacea include doxycycline, minocycline or tetracycline to name a few.

8 Effective Treatments For Rosacea

As mentioned earlier rosacea not only affects facial skin but it can also affect the eyes. To soothe highly inflamed eyes brought on by this chronic skin condition, a doctor may prescribe steroidal eye drops. To gain maximum benefit from rosacea, the oral antibiotic therapy will have to be continued for an extended duration of time.

Surgical Treatment

For extreme cases of rosacea which can cause mild to moderate facial disfigurement, doctors may recommend surgical intervention. Two surgical treatments which are typically recommended for patients suffering from a severe version of rosacea include the laser treatment and electrocautery treatment. A patient may have to undergo several treatment sessions before any real change can be witnessed.