8 Essential Make Up Items You Must Know

makeup items

makeup itemsWhether you are in college or in high school, whether you are a professional or a housewife, whether you’re going out to shop or to a party – under any circumstance, at all times, there are some crucially indispensable make-up items that you must always be in possession of. Here is a quick and comprehensive checklist of the items that must always have a space in your bag : –

Essential Make Up Items

A Primer

Primers are the foundation for the rest of your myriad make-up products. Primers not only improve the glow and texture of your skin almost immediately, they also make it ready for any other make-up item that you need to apply. It certainly tops the list of your make-up must-haves.


Needless to explain, foundations are a woman’s best make-up bet at any point of time. You must always have your foundation with you – and “your” foundation should be something that matches your skin tone and sets it off perfectly.



Colorless and pale skin is certainly not very attractive. Blush is an instant remedy to remove the vapid tinge of your cheeks and to revive your skin. It is definitely not something you can afford to miss out on, in your make-up bag!

Mascara, Eye Liner & Eye Shadow

These three are the saviours of your face after a long and tired day. They accentuate the eyes and emboss them in a sexy manner. They make your eyes steal the show from the rest of your face which may bear traces of your tiredness.

Indeed, your mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow are items that should be placed in all of your bags! You could even buy the compact combo sets that have these essential eye make-up items placed neatly together.

Lip Gloss & Lip Balm

lip balm

Not carrying a lip balm and lip gloss at all times is a great injustice to the potential attractiveness of your lips. To make them look natural, full, shapely and sexy – all you need is the right kind of balm and gloss to define and highlight them.

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All your make-up preparation would be an utter waste if you do not have the right kind of brushes needed for application. Buy yourself a good quality, comprehensive brush pack. Do not compromise on the quality for the cost. Splurge once if you have to, but brushes are a long lasting and much needed item, you will soon realize they are worth the price!



To avoid your hair from peeping out at all the wrong and awkward places, tweezers are your best bet. Never fail to carry a small, simple pair of tweezers with you, wherever you go.

Wet Wipes

Water is truly the best recourse for eliminating a long day’s strain from your face. Scented wet wipes not only help you clean and clear your face, but also fill it with an attractive fragrance. Besides refreshing your beauty, wet wipes help you get some of your energy back, too!

Make sure your make-up bag is equipped with the aforementioned items and you shall save yourself the agony of not looking your best when you need it, for sure!