8 Home Remedies For Extremely Dry Skin

Home Remedies For Extremely Dry SkinFlaky and itching skin, parched lips and staticky hair throughout the year, are the signs of extremely dry skin. This dried skin makes your appearance dull and can even lead to premature aging, if not taken care of. If you suffer from extreme dry skin try treating it with homemade ingredients.

It is not going to cause you a fortune nor will you have to spend long hours in your parlor. Here are some best home made treatments to tackle such a problem.

Home Remedies For Excessive Dry Skin

Skin Scrub

Make an effective skin scrub for your dry skin with oil and sugar. You just need to mix brown sugar with oil in the same ratio and rub it in circular motions over your skin. You can add honey or lemon juice which will give your skin additional dose of minerals and vitamins. Honey works excellently to smoothen chapped skin. You can apply this scrub on your rough heels and elbows.

Honey or lemon juice for skin scrubOatmeal

A wonderful remedy for excessive dry skin is oatmeal. You need to simply add the oatmeal to your bath. This is loaded with vitamin E which keeps the skin healthy and smooth.

It soothes the skin and treats chapped hands. You can wet your hands and rub using oatmeal instead of soap.


You will need just a handful of salt to remove the dry flaky skin on the surface. This is recommended soon after your shower. Regular use will make your skin smooth and give it a natural glow.

SaltBaking Soda

Dry skin is often caused due to chemicals present in soaps and detergents. Try to replace your soap or your dish washing cleanser with baking soda. You will need to add a cup of this soda in a tub of hot water. You can soak your hands in this water for 30 minutes and let it dry. This is skin friendly and offers relief from itching caused due to chemically laden soaps.

Baking SodaVinegar

This works best for excessive dry skin on your hands. Before you apply vinegar, wash your chapped hands to moisten well. You can then put on gloves and leave it overnight.

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Olive Oil

This works wonders for dry cuticles. It effectively conditions excessive dry and itchy skin, soothes dry skin and helps in removing makeup. You can use extra virgin olive oil for excessive dryness which also offers additional dose of antioxidants and fatty acids.

Olive OilYogurt And Pumpkin

Exessive dry skin needs regular cleansing to remove the dry flakes from the surface. Yogurt works as an effective cleanser. It has exfoliating properties which removes the outer dried skin which gives a natural glow to the skin. Yogurt is preferred as an exfoliating agent since it does not have granules which can damage sensitive skin. Pumpkin can be used as a facial mask when mixed with just half spoon of cinnamon powder.

Yogurt And PumpkinVegetable Oil

This might seem strange but if you coat yourself regularly with vegetable oil, your skin is certainly going to be soft and smooth. Beauticians believe that any kind of vegetable oil offers complete relief from excessive dry and chapped skin.

All these home remedy ingredients are readily available in your kitchen – try these for your excessive dry skin and get relief soon.

Vegetable Oil