8 Home Remedies For Sinus Drainage

Sinus Drainage

Sinus DrainageSinus drainage is one of the biggest problems of people suffering from sinus. People get breathless often in the middle of the night causing disturbed sleep and anxiety of suffocation. Why let such a problem arise when such conditions can be easily prevented by certain home remedies for sinus drainage.

This means that you will have smooth and comfortable breathing – no discomfort, no side effects and no dependance on medications. Here are some easy options for you.

Sinus Drainage Home Remedies

Shoulder and Neck Massage

Regularly massage the sinus region as it will help in regulating the blood flow. It shall also reduce your facial pain and the pressure.

Neck Massage

You can use a mixture of different essential oils to massage your nose, forehead and neck which will help in sinus drainage.

Have a Hot Drink or Soup

Drink plenty of hot fluids like tea, milk or clear soup. These will help in thinning the mucus and help in drainage. It will also reduce the pain and headache.

Inhale Steam


An excellent home remedy for instant relief. Inhale steam from a tumbler of hot water while keeping your head covered with a towel. This will help in thinning the mucus lining and will give you relief.

Have a Hot Shower

Hot Shower

Have a hot shower bath for relief. To add to your comfort you can spray some essential oils such in the shower wall, which will open your sinuses and the mucus will liquefy. Remember to blow out the discharge immediately as as much as possible.

Lemon Balm Gargle

Lemon balm is very effective in fighting against bacteria and germs. It works excellently as a treatment for sinus and helps to clear the blockage. Boil dried lemon balm leaves thoroughly for 10 minutes. Sieve the mixture and then use it to gargle for relief.

Salt Water Gargle

Gargle With Saltwater

Poor sinus drainage can cause sore throat also. If you are suffering from such a poor drainage, you can prepare a saltwater solution and gargle using it. Salt water is known to suck the zinc lozenges which helps in sinus drainage and also helps to keep the throat moist.

Increase The Humidity Of Room

It is seens that moisture scarcity irritates the sinus cavity and causes congestion. You can run a humidifier in your room so that the humidity level is maintained at 50% at least. However, ensure that there is no excess humidity or it shall make your nose stuffy and your breathing will get difficult.

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Use a Neti Pot

A neti pot helps in cleaning sinus cavity. You can place saline wash in this neti pot and add warm water. The solution needs to be stirred well.

 neti pot

Place this neti pot up to your nostril ( one nostril) and let the solution slowly pass through. The solution has to come out from the other nostril. You can gently blow your nose and cleanse the cavity for relief.

These home remdies for sinus drainage are very effective and have helped several people across the globe. Hope they are beneficial for you too.