8 Makeup Essentials For Beginners

beginners makeup essentials

beginners makeup essentialsMakeup is something that no girl can do without. However, when you first start to apply makeup, you are not really sure which makeup items are must-haves. Many of us buy a load of makeup items, but end up using just a few.

For beginners who are a little clueless about which products to apply, here are some of the must-have makeup products that can help you create any look you desire.

Best Makeup Essentials For Beginners


Most women skip using primer. But the fact is that a primer can help you achieve that flawless and translucent skin that you had always wanted. A primer is a makeup product that you apply on your face before applying concealer and foundation.

It not only helps you to create a perfect base to apply foundation and concealer, but it also minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and helps makeup to last longer.


Generally the under eye area is of a darker shade than the rest of the face. To hide such dark circles under the eyes, a concealer is very essential. A concealer is not just for covering under eye circles, but it works wonders in concealing blemishes and freckles.


There are different types of concealers available in the market, but for a beginner, I would suggest a good stick concealer. These types of concealers are very easy to use and they also give the skin a luminous glow.


To add a pop of color to your face, a blush is very essential. Choose a soft blush in peach or light coral without shimmer. A bit of blush swiped across your cheeks gives a healthy and natural glow to your skin. You can choose from powder, cream and gel-based blushes. However, for beginners, the best option is to choose a powder blush as it is easier to apply.



To define the eyes you need a good eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are easier to apply than liquid eyeliners and as such they are more suited for a beginner. Choose eyeliner in dark colors like dark brown, jet black, navy blue, copper and turquoise.


If there is one eye makeup item that no women can do without, then it is the mascara. Mascara gives definition to the eyes. It opens up the eyes and makes them pop. There are different types of mascaras available, from lengthening mascaras to volumizing mascara.

Choose a black or dark brown mascara according to your needs. If you have thin, scanty lashes, then a lengthening mascara will work wonders for you. If you want voluminous lashes, then a voluminizing mascara is what you should opt for.

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To create a dewy and flawless look, you need a good foundation. There are different formulations of foundation available like liquid, cream, mousse and powder. For makeup novice, mousse foundation is the best as it is relatively easier to apply.


Beginners need just two to three lipsticks in their makeup kit. A lipstick in a color like light pink, nude or peach works well for day wear. For evenings you can choose a brighter lipstick like fuchsia, coral or red.


If you think that lipsticks are too intense, then you can opt for a lip stain instead. Lips stains give a natural color to the lips and are easier to apply than a lipstick.


For beginners, eyeshadows in neutral shades like brown, bronze, taupe and fawn are ideal. These eyeshadow colors works for almost any skin tone. Powder eyeshadows are easier to handle and are therefore great for makeup novice.

You can also choose cream-based eyeshadows, but they require some skill while blending.These were the 8 essential makeup items for beginners. These items are must-haves in your makeup bag as these will help you to create any look that you desire.