8 Makeup Tips For Black Women

makeup tips for black womenWomen of colour often find it difficult to choose the perfect shades of coloured cosmetics that go well with their dusky complexion. However, dark beauties like Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and Rihanna have proved and created examples on how to sport their perfect complexion with gorgeous makeup.

Although these celebrities can afford millions of bucks for their makeup artists, common women can also try simple yet glamorous looks with some. Here are some quite handy makeup tips that women with very dark complexion can use:

Best Makeup Tips For Black Women

Avoid Light Hues

Always try to stay away from foundations that are way lighter in shade than your natural complexion. Often women make the cardinal mistake of choosing a face makeup quite lighter than their skin tone.

light hues

This can make the face look quite chalky and mask like. You don’t want your makeup to make you look clownish. It should be something that will enhance your natural skin colour by making it glow. Choose the foundation by testing under natural light.

Choose Neutral Shades

Earthy tones like copper and browns are best suited for black women. Even burgundy and pinks with warm undertones go well with their skin tone. You should look for shades that can reflect the warm undertone of your natural skin colour.

Metallic Eye Shadows

Metallic shades and a little bit of shimmer can complement the eyes of Black women unlike anything.  Mixing a bright shade like purple along with a little bit of gold shimmer can immediately make the eyes smouldering.

Metallic Eye Shadows

The brightness of the shade increase depending upon the darkness of your complexion. This look can be accentuated with a precise lining of black or brown liner and a dash of black mascara.

Use Light Foundations

Heavy foundations can make the skin look too shiny and oily as dark skin toned women are generally blessed with oily skin. It is best to choose a one with very light texture whichcan give a natural coverage to the skin. A good foundation with light texture and high concentration can provide the desired coverage and require a lesser amount.

Be Choosy With Concealer

Concealers can be quite a task to choose as some may be too light for the complexion. It should be remembered that not all areas are of the same colour. Therefore, it is best to keep a concealer kit ready for makeup. Areas with discolouration should be covered up by an orangish or reddish tinted concealer for balancing the darkness of that area.


Then it should be followed by an application of setting powder. Although it is almost covered and neutralised, it is still advisable to use a concealer of the same colour of your complexion to be used on top to perfect the look.

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Avoid Silver

Stay away from silver as it is such a colour that makes your complexion dull, especially around the eye area. Your makeup will appear very harsh if it has too much of silver in it. Instead choose gold or copper shades that will enhance your complexion and bring forth the best of it.

Groom Brows

This is another tricky part to take care of. Although generally black women have black hair and brows, the use of black pencil or colour on the brows can be too intense and deep. It is best to use a brownish shade for grooming the brows as black will intensify the appearance of the shadow that is created by the hair strands.

Line Your Lips

Line Your Lips

This is a must and can create versatile looks for your lips. You can play with it with the natural volume of your lips intact by drawing a line just around outside of your lip line. If you want to make your pouts a little thinner line your lips across the inner borders of your lips.