8 Probable Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Probable Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage can come as a huge blow to a pregnant woman. In fact, it is one of the most challenging, heart wrenching situations a woman may have to encounter in her whole life – especially after she has physically and emotionally prepared herself to welcome the small bundle of joy.

The initial sadness of losing an unborn child often gives way to a plethora of negative emotions ranging from guilt, to fear and depression. A woman who has undergone a miscarriage might find it extremely difficult to carry on with her day to day activities – at least in the initial few weeks following the miscarriage.

Many women who have experienced this terrible ordeal reveal that they suffer from extreme misgivings regarding their ability to bear a child in the future.

About Miscarriage

Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage refers to the sudden loss of a fetus before attaining the twentieth week of pregnancy. Spontaneous abortion is an extremely common phenomenon with one in five pregnancies ending in a miscarriage. A woman may suffer a miscarriage due to a variety of reasons. Maternal disease conditions, chromosomal anomalies of the fetus as well as maternal or fetal infections are some of the top causes of miscarriage.

Common Symptoms Of Miscarriage

There are numerous overt and covert symptoms which can indicate to a pregnant woman that she is suffering a miscarriage. Spotting is one of the very first indications that all is not well. The initial light bleeding is accompanied by other obvious symptoms which signify that a woman has suffered a miscarriage.


One of the earliest indications of miscarriage is severe abdominal pain. The abdominal pain increases in intensity from mild pain to unbearable cramping pain.

While mild cramping is a common phenomenon of pregnancy, intense cramping followed by spotting is an obvious indication that all is not well. If the cramping pain is accompanied by a sudden gush of blood from the vagina, call a doctor immediately.


Bleeding Or Spotting

During pregnancy, even slight vaginal bleeding should not be trivialized. Light bleeding does not necessarily indicate that you may be suffering a miscarriage. But light bleeding or spotting accompanied by severe abdominal pain may be indicative of the fact that you may be experiencing a spontaneous abortion.

The color of the blood can also indicate whether you are suffering a miscarriage or not. If the vaginal blood is dark red or even pinkish in color it implies that you are having a miscarriage. On the other hand, brown colored vaginal discharge is a common occurrence during pregnancy.

Bleeding Or Spotting

Abdominal / Lower Back Pain

During miscarriage a woman may complain of severe abdominal pain. The abdominal pain may be accompanied by excruciating lower back pain.

Initially, the pain may best be described as a dull, throbbing kind of pain. Later on the pain can increase in intensity and may develop into a sharp, shooting type of ache. The pain often extends into the pelvic region, the buttocks and even the legs. A dull throbbing pain on one side of the abdomen is another sign of miscarriage.

Abdominal - Lower Back Pain


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Pelvic Pressure

Women who are experiencing a miscarriage may complain of a feeling of intense pressure around the pelvic region. Pressure around the pelvic region as such should not cause undue concern. However, if the feeling of pressure around the pelvic area is accompanied by cramping, abdominal pain and/ or bleeding it is indicative of the fact that a woman may be undergoing a miscarriage.

Pelvic Pressure

Passing Fetal Tissues Or Clots

The intensity of vaginal bleeding during a miscarriage can be pretty severe. During miscarriage a woman may experience heavy bleeding and will pass large blood clots.

The blood clots are accompanied by the passage of pinkish or grayish colored fetal tissue. In such an event, it is best to get yourself examined by a gynecologist without further delay.

Passing Fetal Tissues Or Clots

Cessation Of Movement

The wonderful sensation of the little one kicking and moving inside the womb ceases completely. The cessation of fetal movement inside the womb is another indicator that your pregnancy has ended and you have suffered a miscarriage.

Cessation Of Movement

Loss Of Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms which are generally associated with pregnancy including nausea, tenderness of the breasts, food craving all come to an end with a miscarriage. Cessation of these common pregnancy symptoms are obvious indications that you have suffered a miscarriage.

Pregnancy including nausea

Negative Pregnancy Test

If you suspect you have suffered a miscarriage, go in for another pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test comes negative, you will known for sure that your pregnancy has ended and that you have suffered a miscarriage.

Negative Pregnancy Test

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