8 Tips For Perfect Bridal Make Up

Top 8 Tips For Perfect Bridal Make Up

Top 8 Tips For Perfect Bridal Make Up Bridal make-up is one of the most important aspects of your big day, not only because all eyes will be on you while you walk down the aisle; but you also need to look picture-perfect for those wonderful wedding photographs. Make-up especially bridal make-up is a skill and a few tips can help you get the stunning look for the most important day of your life.

Here are some of the bridal make-up tips that will make you shine bright on photographs, while making you dazzle throughout the day without your make-up getting blotchy.

Bridal Make Up Tips

Use the Primer

You might not be using primer for your daily make-up, but using a primer to create a perfect and lasting foundation for your wedding day is a smart idea. Primer will cover the fine lines and pores to create a smooth and perfect base for your foundation. Primer also holds the foundation to last whole day long, to keep you worry free about you getting captured through lenses with blotchy make-up, even in the most hectic and tiring yet truly special day of your life.

Choose the Foundation Carefully

Finding the right shade of foundation to match your skin tone is half the battle won. The ideal way to find the correct foundation is by checking it in the natural day light. Apply the foundation along the jaw line and extend it to the neck to ensure you don’t leave any tide mark. Invest in a good foundation brush. Application of foundation by a brush is the most professional way to get the best of results.

Concealer is Your Best Friend

On your big day, concealer will be your best friend to hide the secrets of sleepless nights showing up under your eyes. Although, foundation will smooth out the complexion and the skin, concealer will hide the spots to give you an even skin tone.

Top 8 Tips For Perfect Bridal Make Up

Use a small concealer brush to cover the dark circles. Concealer will give you a polished look for your big day.

Apply Compact Powder on Foundation

Application of compact powder over foundation will not only keep your face oil free for beautiful wedding pictures; but will also help the foundation and concealer to sit pretty on your skin for a longer duration. Powder will complete the look with a gorgeous finish to your make-up.

There are plenty of powders available in the market, make sure you pick the right shade to be identical to your foundation shade. You must use a large powder brush and dust onto your face using circular motion, starting near the cheekbone at the outside perimeter of your face. Move towards the centre swiftly and cover the nose, chin and forehead for the complete coverage.

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Apply Blusher

Once you are through with the make-up base with foundation, concealer and compact powder, its now time to highlight and accentuate your beauty points. Blusher will accentuate your cheekbones and will give you a delicate feminine touch to your look. Dash of blush on apples of your face is also important to make your the wedding photographs look bright with your rosy cheeks and not washed.

Top 8 Tips For Perfect Bridal Make Up

The best way to find the correct shade of blush is by checking the shade of your cheeks immediately after an exercise, or any other activity that causes flash of blood to your face. The natural blush on your face is what you have to match with a powder or cream blush. Or you can also pull your cheeks to identify the right shade for you. While applying the blusher, keep a fish face to detect the apples. Begin with the brush strokes from your cheeks to the side of your face, towards ears.

Keep the area well-lit and use a good fluffy brush to blend well with the skin tone. Also, apply the blusher after completing the make-up. Cream blushers are extremely popular these days; but are best suitable for normal to dry skin. Remember, blending is the key to a perfect and flawless make-up.

Keep the Light Eyeshadow as the Base for Eye Make-up

Applying a light eye shadow as the base, all over the eyelids is a smart make-up tip to make your eyes look extremely bright and stand out in the wedding photographs.

Now pick up an eye-shadow shade that will compliment your wedding dress, or accessories and apply it carefully, starting from the upper lash line of your eyes to the crease. Blend it well to avoid any unpleasant folds and lines. Apply dark eye shadow to the lower lash line for highlighting the eyes prominently.

Add the Dramatic Appeal with Thick Coating of Mascara

Thick curled lashes will add up to the bridal beauty with a distinct charm. Apply two coats of mascara after curling the lashes for the dash of glam effect on your eyes.

Match Lip Liner with Lipstick

Lip gloss or lipstick, whatever you choose to wear on your big day, make sure you match the lip liner with your lipstick to avoid overlapping. Blend the liner well with lipstick for a clean, polished look on your wedding day.