8 Top Natural Cures For Cold Sores

cold soresThe tendency of cold sores to appear at the most inopportune moment can leave you feeling extremely embarrassed. Cold sores materialize or swell up as innocuous looking cluster of white blisters. But these harmless looking blisters ultimately erupt into painfully large cold sores.

A cold sore is often mistaken for mouth ulcer or canker sore. But unlike canker sores which develop as a result of some bacterial infection, the dreaded herpes simplex virus is the main culprit behind agonizing cold sores. Another factor which sets cold sores apart from ordinary canker sores is that cold sores tend to reappear at regular intervals on the original site of infection.

Natural Cures For Cold Sore

Cold sores are incurable. However, there are numerous natural remedies which can ease the pain, swelling and discomfort caused by cold sores. Through this article we will examine some effective natural remedies to combat painful cold sores.

Apply Honey

Applying honey on the site of a cold sore can actually hasten the healing process. In fact, medical research has revealed the startling truth that honey can cure cold sores faster than acyclovir – the medication that has traditionally been used to treat cold sores.


For maximum benefit apply unprocessed natural honey. Commercial honey loses a lot of its potent healing qualities during processing. Apply a liberal amount of unprocessed honey on the cold sore. Allow the skin to soak up the honey. After ten to fifteen minutes, mop up the excess honey very gently with a soft tissue.

Apply Licorice Powder

To treat a painful cold sore, apply licorice powder directly over the sore. Licorice powder contains a powerful natural element called glycyrrhizic acid. This acid can fight the herpes simplex virus and prevent further outbreak of cold sores. You can procure licorice powder from any store selling natural products.

Apply Green Tea

Green tea features prominently in natural remedies to treat numerous ailments. The potent green tea is known to heal cold sores. People who have cold sores should drink at least two to three cups of green tea every day.

Green Tea

Otherwise you can prepare a strong decoction of green tea. Dip a soft cotton ball in the green tea decoction. Now gently apply the green tea solution directly on the cold sores. Repeat this process numerous times during the course of the day. This natural remedy can hasten the healing time of a cold sore.

Use Milk

The soothing properties of milk can ease the swelling and pain due to a cold sore. Ideally use full fat milk instead of toned or low fat milk. Take approximately two tablespoons of cold, full fat milk in a small container. Now dip a clean tissue or a cotton ball in the milk.

Chilled Milk

Squeeze out the excess milk. Gently daub the cold sore with the cotton ball or tissue soaked in milk. Allow the milk to remain on the cold sore. Repeat this process five or six times a day. The cold sore will disappear in less than half the time it normally takes for it to heal.

Protect yourself from the Sun

Certain factors like excessive stress, sun exposure and poor hygiene can all initiate or aggravate cold sore outbreak. Among the above mentioned factors, excessive sun exposure tops the list. Sun exposure is responsible for repeated outbreaks of agonizing cold sores.

Every time you step outside slather on plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF. For added protection wear a wide brimmed hat as well.

Apply Lemon Balm

To hasten the healing time of a cold sore, apply pure lemon balm. To prepare the lemon balm purchase the lemon scented herb from any store dealing in natural products. Now heat some water and add three or four crushed lemon balm leaves into the water.

Lemon balm

Allow the water to stand for a couple of minutes. Now dip a clean cotton ball in the lemon balm solution and gently daub it  over the painful cold sore. The cold sore will heal very quickly, especially if you repeat this process a couple of times every day, for three or four days.

Apply Ice Pack

To soothe red and swollen cold sore apply an ice pack directly over the boils. Simply wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean cloth. Tie the ends of the cloth tightly and use this modified ice pack on the swollen boils. The cold radiating from the ice pack will relive some of the pain and inflammation due to cold sores. Applying a cold pack  on a cold sore can actually hasten the healing time.

Eat Yogurt

Have plenty of yogurt especially if you are susceptible to repeated bouts of cold sores. Having yogurt regularly can prevent a cold sore outbreak. If you already have a cold sore, apply some fresh yogurt on the sore.