9 Best CHI Hair Products

9 Best CHI Hair Products

CHI is a well-known and trusted brand for hair care and hair style. It is a part of the Farouk System Group which was founded by a Palestinian native, Farouk Shami. The CHI hair brand consists of 16 different product lines, including the CHI hair tools which are very popular among Hollywood TV stars as well as film stars.

CHI hair products include every hair care product under the sun and are separately designed for professional as well as personal use. Some of the below described CHI hair care products have earned tremendous popularity and reputation in the field of hair care.

List of CHI Hair Products

CHI Clean Start clarifying shampoo

CHI Clean Start clarifying shampoo is a vitamin and ceramic enriched product which is suitable for all hair types. Its chelating agents infused formula helps ensure thorough cleaning from the roots to the tips without drying out the tresses. However, this product is not only formulated for clarifying; rather, it nourishes hair while extracting out excess oil, residues of hair styling products, mineral precipitants as well as tresses of hard water.

9 Best CHI Hair Products

While its vitamin enriched formulation nourishes hair, ceramic aids in adding strength and vitality to the tresses. To use this product, pour a coin-sized amount in your palm and then lather it all over your wet tresses. Rinse off with water and then finish off with CHI hair care products.

CHI Deep Brilliance Reconstruct

Deep Brilliance Reconstruct from CHI is a reconstructor which is designed especially for dry and damaged hair. This non-greasy reconstructor is rich in natural silk proteins; vitamins like vitamin C; essential oils from natural sources like Origanium Majorana leaf, peppermint, Anthemis Nobillis flower, basil and Cymbopogon Schoenanthus; milk proteins; herbal extracts; amino acids and botanicals.

These active natural ingredients perform substantially to strengthen and beautify hair that has become dry and damaged. The lightweight formulation of this reconstructor deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair strands while reconstructing their vitality, strength and shine.

CHI Curl Preserve Treatment

CHI Curl Preserve Treatment is a part of CHI’s Curl Preserve System which is especially formulated for curly tresses. This deep conditioning treatment has a low pH formula, which helps to moisturize rebellious curly locks and restore their elasticity and moisture levels to provide the right amount of bounce and body to the ringlets.

9 Best CHI Hair Products

Its Cationic Hydration Interlink technology helps to repair and protect the hair strands by infusing them with moisture, vitamins and amino acids. The super effective product is thought to be the only effective product by many users who claimed that continuous and regular usage of this product delivered them really soft and shiny ringlets that they always dreamt of. Additionally, this deep conditioning treatment eliminates frizzes and adds definition to curly tresses to make them appear perfect.

CHI Rx Moisture Therapy Silk Guard

CHI’s Rx Moisture Therapy Silk Guard is a nourishing spray that protects and moisturizes dry and damaged hair deeply. A part of CHI’s Rx Moisture Therapy range, this product is formulated with the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of dry and damaged hair and to restore its original sheen and vitality. Equipped with a spraying gun, this parafen-free silk guard is easy to apply and spread over the entire hair.

The weightless formula helps to even out the frizzes and deliver a glossy, shiny and smooth appearance without weighing down the tressses. The active silk ingredients transform weak and dry tresses into shiny and silky manes that become strong and revitalized at the same time. The formulation of this silk guard forms a protective shield around hair to safeguard it from the harmful after effects of free radicals, finishing products and thermal styling.

CHI Luxe Hydrating Diamond Foundation

CHI Luxe Hydrating Diamond Foundation is a luxurious finishing product which delivers ultimate shine and protection to the tresses. Stored in a convenient flat disc shaped container, the rub can be easily blotted out by simply rubbing the fingers over it.

9 Best CHI Hair Products

Suitable for all hair types, the Hydrating Diamond Foundation protects hair from erosion of environmental aggressors like UVA/UVB rays and bestows just the right amount of hydration to the tresses. The lightweight and non-sticky formula easily glides through the tresses without leaving blots of residuals and also aids in eliminating frizzes, unwanted flyaways and dullness.

CHI Enviro Smoothening Masque

Powered with silk and pearl complex, the CHI Enviro Smoothening Masque is an intense repair masque that nourishes hair to reconstruct the damaged and overworked hair strands. Its intense nourishing system feeds hair with ingredients essential to bring back the lost strength and vitality of hair.

It nourishes and moisturizes hair to eliminate excessive dryness and brittleness without weighing them down. Not only does it turns hair soft and supple but also delivers amazing shine to it. Work this masque on towel dried hair and then leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing off. You can also let it stay on for 15 minutes and apply a bit of heat for intense repair.

CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment

CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment is a latest introduction in the range of CHI’s other world class products. Designed to impart moisture and elongate the life span of hair color, this exquisite hair product helps to protect hair from the damaging aftereffects of hair colors and other chemical treatments. The CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment has positively charged silk molecules which induce moisture into the hair strands, thereby improving their strength and resilience.

9 Best CHI Hair Products

Other than that, its protein rich formula helps to build up hair strength while protecting them from the harmful effects of styling products. Its wonderful complex strikes a perfect balance of strength and softness. This product is recommended as an absolute must after every chemical treatment, including color treatments as it helps to close the cuticles and seal the hair strands to keep the hair soft, manageable and shine laden. Other than that, it can also be used regularly at home to eliminate knots and hostile tangles.

CHI Thermal Styling Infra Gel

An all-purpose styling gel, the CHI Thermal Styling Infra Gel is suitable for imparting strong hold to any kind of hair style. Be it hard-to-achieve spikes or just a luxurious chignon, the Thermal Styling Infra gel is perfect for any hair style. Provided with a pump cap, the Thermal Styling Infra Gel comes in a red colored bottle that is specially marked for ease of use.

This powerful holding gel can wonderfully add definition and shape to any hair type without leaving behind any heavy residues or flaking up the tresses. Other than providing super hold, this exclusive hair gel also imparts an elegant shine and softness.

CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus N-3 Energy Hair Thickener

CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus N-3 Energy Hair Thickener is a leave-in hair thickener which helps to prevent hair fall and protect the tresses by eliminating dead cells and free radicals from the hair follicles. Its vitamin, minerals and herb enriched formula helps to provide proper nourishment to hair in order to boost hair growth and improve the health and texture of hair strands.

9 Best CHI Hair Products

Nettle extracts present in this wonderful hair thickener is a source of several essential minerals (sulphur, iron, potassium and magnesium), vitamins ( vitamin A, B2, K, E and C), folic acid, acetic acid, serotonin, formic acid, chlorophyll and acetylcholine which collectively work to improve microcirculation of blood through the hair follicles to improve the rate of hair growth and hair quality. Other than that, keratin present in this hair thickener helps to reconstruct the hair structure and provide structural density to each hair strand. Apply this leave-in hair thickener every day for best results.