9 Home Remedies For Hernia Relief

HerniaHernia can be really painful and normally requires several days of continuous medications. However, you can always try out many home remedies for hernia which provide relief to patients.

These remedies are time tested and are recommended since they won’t harm you as there are no side effects. You can try out any of these remedies and see which one works for you.

Top 9 Home Remedies For Hernia Relief

Ice Compress For Pain Relief

To get immediate relief from pain ice compresses work very well. Whenever you feel pain try to use ice compress on the effected part.

Include Licorice Root In Diet

Licorice is a wonder herb and is known worldwide for its healing powers. Include licorice in your diet which will help to heal the damaged parts of stomach lining as well as esophagus which is damaged by hernia.

Include Licorice Root In Diet

This helps in reducing the pain caused in the intestine and stomach and will offer relief if regularly used.

Marshmallow Root

This is known for its many digestive properties and soothing effect on your stomach. Including the root in your diet will help to take care of symptoms.

Include Ginger Root in Diet

Include Ginger Root in Diet

Ginger has many beneficial properties and one such benefit is its ability to protect the stomach from damage caused due gastric acids. Include fresh ginger in your diet which will help in tackling problems of acid reflux which is often caused due to hernia problems.

Take Care of Your Diet

Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Do not have foods which are high in cholesterol or fat as it will cause fullness and this needs to be avoided. You should also stay away from acidic and spicy foods. Stay away from alcohol to get relief.

Exercise To Stay Fit

This is specially important if you are obese. You have to stay fit always which will help to reduce the symptoms. However, you need to remember that you should never exhaust yourself. You need to target the core muscles of your stomach.

Exercise To Stay Fit

If you exercise regularly it will help you to shed the extra fat which accumulates in the abdomen and will help you to get relief. Do not go for strenuous exercises such as lifting or those with dumbbells. Remember that you should never exercise when you are on a full stomach also.

Frequency Of Meals

Do not indulge in large and spicy meals. Instead eat frequently and eat less. Have a bland diet always which will help in maintaining the esophageal sphincter.

Manage Stress

Manage Stress

Stress and unwanted anxiety can cause acid reflux and aggravate all stomach problems. If the patient feels stressed and anxious it is important to get rid of stress through meditation, yoga or breathing exercises. It is important to be happy and at peace.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Any kind of pressure in the abdominal area will aggravate the pain.  Hence wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes for complete ease. Hope these easy home remedies will offer you the much needed relief from hernia. If you have some more remedies, do share them with us.

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