9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Dumbbells form an important component of physical exercise for women. Adding dumbbells to your workout regime can help in achieving not only strong, toned arms but also well sculpted shoulders, abdomen, thighs and shapely legs. Here are a few dumbbell exercises to elevate the intensity of your daily workout.

Top Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Chest Press

Use dumbbells to perform this particular exercise in order to transform your dream of achieving slimmer arms, back and chest into a reality. Lie either on the exercise mat or a bench while placing both feet on the ground. Hold on to one dumbbell in each hand and take the initial position by letting both the elbows and shoulders drop till they are parallel to the floor.

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Now raise both the dumbbells at the same pace in a straight direction away from you till the arms are completely extended. Pause for two seconds and slowly return to begin another repetition till a total of eight to ten repetitions are completed.

Include Alternate Bicep Curls With Dumbbells

Begin by grasping one dumbbell in each hand while keeping your hands along your sides and palms facing inwards. Maintain thee correct body posture which includes a straight back, feet shoulder width apart and knees bent to a slight degree.

Begin the first repetition by bending one of the elbows and giving a rotatory motion to the palm such that it faces up. The forearm must be parallel to the floor and should never be taken above this level to prevent the load transfer from the targeted bicep muscle to the other part of the shoulder. Bring the dumbbell to its starting position in a controlled motion. Make certain that the upper body does not move at all during the entire exercise.

Must Try Variation Of Bicep Curls

Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbell in both the hands by your sides. In this form of exercise, your palm must face away from your body. In the next step, you must not move the upper half of your arms.

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Bend both the elbows as you pull the dumbbells directed inwards. Following this step, lower both the weights simultaneously to the starting position that leaves the arms completely extended.

Work Your Triceps With A Dumbbell

Make your triceps muscle stronger and tauter than before with triceps extension and dumbbell. You can do this while standing or even while seated on the edge of a workout bench.

You will need only a single dumbbell for this exercise. Hold the dumbbell using both hands and place your arms over the head. Both the arms must remain close to the ears. Bend both the elbows and lower the weight behind the head till the forearms are roughly parallel to the floor (or the dumbbell is perpendicular to the floor). To return to the original position, straighten your arms.

Squat Just Like A Sumo

For this exercise, stand erect and maintain a wide stance between your feet (almost double that of your shoulder width), keeping both the arms fully extended. Make sure the toes are flaring in the outer directions.

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Exhale and slowly lower your body whilst pushing your hips further back and bending the knees (pretend you are sitting on a low stool). Allow your back to arch naturally but do not hunch. Hold this position while continuing to breathe. Follow this effective exercise regularly to shed weight from the inner thigh region. The wider distance and angled foot placement places more emphasis on the inner thigh and butt region.

Lunge Into An Overall Toned Body

Perform the stationary lunge with dumbbells in the following way- Stand straight on the exercise mat keeping no space between your feet. Place your left foot forward while keeping the right foot firmly planted on the mat. Keep your chin up, back straight and slowly bend the left knee while descending the body towards the mat. It is essential for you to keep a note of your knee position for it must never go beyond the toes.

Once the left leg forms an angle of ninety degree,pause for a few seconds and begin retrieving your step to stand in the initial form. All this while, dumbbells need to be held on to in both the hands to add sufficient intensity tot he workout.

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Bend It To The Side

Target your bulging love handles with side bend exercise along with one dumbbell. Here’s how you this strength training workout- Simple side bend is done by standing in an upright position with feet close to each other with a dumbbell tightly grasped in the left side. This will work the oblique muscles of the other side of your body. All you have to do is to bend in the same direction as the dumbbell.

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

This movement should be restricted to the upper half of the body and not the hips. While bending, a stretch will be felt on the right oblique muscles. Do the same by holding the dumbbell in the right hand and bending on the right side.

Put Your Abdominals To More Work With Dumbbells

Get washboard abdominals with this exercise. Hold two dumbbells in both hands and place yourself face up on the floor. Move your arms behind your head.

Your legs must be fully extended making an angle of forty five degree with the floor but not making contact with it. Exhale and bring your legs inwards till they are at ninety degree to the upper body. Simultaneously, your arms must also move over your head towards the raised legs. In doing so, your shoulder blades will be raised a few inches off the floor. Complete ten repetitions of the same to finish off two sets.

Lateral Raises Coupled With Dumbbells

To define your shoulder area as well as the upper arms, you need to target exactly those areas with lateral raises. The correct technique is to stand on your feet with light weight dumbbells in both hands.

9 Top Rated Dumbbells Exercises For Women

Keep both the arms on either side of your body such that the palms are facing inwards. Challenge the shoulder muscles by raising both the arms on their respective sides till the shoulder level. Make sure both your palms are facing the mat below.

It is important to hold the arms at that level for two seconds, following which you can bring them down to begin the next repetition. You can also do the lateral raises while sitting on the bench or a stability ball.