9 Useful Tips For Nails

9 Useful Tips For Nails

9 Useful Tips For Nails You will notice that these days women keep their nails big in length and even apply nail polishes or design nail arts to enhance their look. You can look more beautiful if your nails look beautiful. If your nails break as soon as they grow then the reason might be deficiency of some essential nutrients. You must take proper steps to keep your nails healthy and strong and even protect them from fungal infections.

Tips for Your Nails

Don’t Bite Your Nails

Many people have a bad habit of biting their nails especially when they are in stress. If you want to keep your nails in proper shape then you must immediately take steps to avoid biting. You can paint deep colors on your nails or even paint neem oil to prevent yourself from biting your nails.

Wearing Gloves

Make a habit to wear gloves while working at your home or kitchen. Washing utensils or clothes, cleaning your bathroom or gardening can have harsh effects on your nails and can make them brittle leading to their breakage.

Avoid Cutting Your Cuticles

9 Useful Tips For Nails

Don’t cut your cuticles as it can make your nails weak. You should moisturize your dry cuticles instead of cutting them. You can even use orange stick to push them back. Massage your cuticles with mixture of iodine and castor oil to keep them soft.

Drying Your Nails

Allow your nails to dry after you take a bath, wash dishes or swim or do any other work that can make your nails wet. If your nails are wet it can lead to fungal infections. Wet nails are too brittle and thus can break very easily.


Drink milk and eat hard boiled eggs which will help you to keep your nails strong and reduce the white spots if you notice them on your nails. You must even increase the consumption of food items rich in vitamins and calcium. Drink plenty of water which is advantageous for both your body and nails. You can even supplement your diet with spirulina. Drink fresh carrot juice to strengthen your nails.

Using Your Nails

Your nails are not made to open boxes, scrape of things or for any other purposes. Avoid using your nails for these purposes as they can break your nails or even can make them brittle.

Messaging Your Nails

Massage your nails regularly to keep it strong and shiny. Buffer your nails as it will help you to increase the blood supply.

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Using a Nail Polish

Nail polish can also protect your nails. You can apply different colors of nail paints but make sure that you remove them before 10 days. You should apply a clear paint as your base coat and then two thin coats of any colored nail polish and then a top coat so that the color stays for a longer period of time.

9 Useful Tips For Nails

You should even apply two thin coats of the polish to get a better look and prevent it from chipping. Nail paints take time to dry so give them adequate time for best results. Avoid keeping your nails always painted especially with deep colors. Allow it to breathe without a nail paint for few days. Using dark colors regularly can make your nails yellow and look dull. You can even apply nail hardeners to prevent them from breaking.
Nail polish removers

Avoid using nail polish removers which contain formaldehyde or acetone because they have drying effects on nails. Don’t ever peel of your nail polish with your nails or any other sharp material because it can remove the top layer of your nails leaving it dry. Never use scissors to cut your nails. Make sure you remove your nail polish properly without leaving even a trace of it on your nails.

Cutting and Filling Your nails

You should cut your nails properly and regularly and then file your nails into either oval or square shape. The shape of the nails depends on your preference because some prefer square nails while other might find oval nails attractive. Filling your nails will even help you to keep your nail’s edge smooth and prevent it from cracking. While filling your nails keep in mind that you don’t file too deep at the corners and weaken your nails.

Every one wants clean and well manicured nails. Following the above tips will help you to keep you nails healthy and strong and give them a shiny look too.

Don’t consider your nails as an unimportant part because your ignorance can lead to infections in your nails. You can even go for manicures and pedicures to maintain your nails.