A Few Tips For Luscious Lips

If you ask me to name one of the most sensual parts of the human body, I would say the lips. To me they are really important. Some might disagree in this matter. But look at it this way – you smile, talk and kiss with your lips. So this means they do perform some really important functions. Thus they are one organ that cannot be taken for granted. Remember, they are very sensitive and need good care.

Here are a few tips that will help you to get beautiful luscious lips.

Make a habit of brushing your lips every day. Take a very soft toothbrush and apply some Vaseline on it. Gently brush your lips with that. This will remove the dead skin, after that apply some lip balm or Vaseline.

Before going to bed at night, apply a good amount of lip balm. In case you do not have lip balm, use some eye cream. The harmful rays of the sun may not give your lips a tan, but they can harm them nonetheless. In order to protect your lips, use a lipstick that has sun block.

Do not throw away the tiny leftover bits of lipstick. The best way to salvage them is to turn them into lip gloss. Take out the lipstick in a container and mix equal quantity of Vaseline with that. Heat the mixture in a microwave for at least 30 seconds. Stir the mixture well till it becomes smooth. You have your very own home made lip gloss.

If your lips get too dry after applying a matt lip color, simply apply the moisturizing lip color first and then add a coat of matt lipstick.

Many tend to stay as far away as possible from red lipstick. If you have a bright red lipstick and you do not wish to use it, do not throw it or give away. All you need to do is a bit of mixing. Apply some brown lip color with the red and see the change in color.

Many complain that they have dark lips. There is an easy cure for dark lips. Make a mixture of Rose Water, Glycerin, Honey and Almond Oil. All the ingredients should be of equal amount. Shake it well before applying.

Follow these rules and have the great lips you want.

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