A Pocket Guide On Acne Skin Disease

acne skinMen and women all over the world suffer from this dreadful skin disease called Acne. Acne is a disease that is found on the face, back and chest of most teenagers, young adults and adults. It is most commonly caused at the time of puberty in males and females.

Bacteria help in the growth of acne but are not the cause of it. Acne is a very irritable disease that leaves marks and causes mild irritation. There are many causes, symptoms and treatment procedures of such acne skin disease.

Guide On Acne Skin Disease

Causes Of Acne OnThe Skin

There is no single factor that is responsible for causing this skin disease. The oil in our skin that is created from oil glands is attached to the hair follicles in the skin and this is stimulated during puberty in the hormones of males and females and causes acne.

 Oily Skin

Skin changes take place when the oil in our skin increases and gets mixed with the hair to cause clogs. These clogs grow and form bumps on the skin. The follicle grows even more to cause inflammation, hence creating pimples and blackheads.

Types Of Acne On The Skin

There are different kinds of acne that is formed on the skin depending on the level and depth of its presence. The inflammation close to the surface of the skin is called a pustule. If the inflammation is deeper it causes a pimple. If this goes even deeper then it’s called a cyst. During inflammation if the oil breaks at the surface of the skin then a whitehead is formed and if this oil lies stagnant and oxidizes on the skin then it develops into a blackhead.

Factors That Play A Small Role In The Growth Of Acne

Many factors cause acne to stay or come back on one’s skin. Parents warn their children and teens to stay away from oily junk food and greasy food, chocolates and sweets.

junk food

These do not directly cause acne but its ingredients aggravate acne from going. Dirt in the skin need not be a reason for acne or blackheads. And stress does not bring acne although stressed out people tend to poke and pick and pimples and that stops it from being cured.

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Factors That Majorly Affect Acne Skin Disease

Some factors are responsible for the growth of acne more than other factors. Such are pressure, from helmet straps, chin straps, and collars cause acne. Some people work in industrial areas and the products that are used can cause acne. Some cosmetics that are used by women cause skin to get clogged hence causing acne on the skin.

Treatment And Cure Of Acne Skin Disease

There are a few simple ways that one can follow to help remove acne and keep it away. Cleaning the skin and pores regularly with mild face washes and face masks should be done. Scrubs are a good option. Antibacterial liquids should be used to help destroy bacteria on the skin. Astringents and exfoliating pads should be used to clean the skin. Facials and pore strips can also help fairly well. A lot of patience and time is required in order to wait for these treatments to show positive results.

face wash

Acne skin disease is a very uncomfortable disease and almost everyone suffers from this disease at least once or twice in their life. It is something that cannot be avoided but with a certain amount of care and concern this disease can be treated and taken care of. So for those who suffer from such a disease, these few points would help them out in understanding this skin disease a little better than before.