A Simple Technique To Prevent Wrinkles

anti-aging-productsWrinkling, when it takes place at old age, is a natural process. However, if it takes place at an early age, then it is certainly not a natural process. To prevent wrinkles at an early age, some preventive measures are suggested:

1. Moisturizer: Use moisturizer both in the morning and in the evening. Wash your face well and then apply the moisturizer. By doing this, sunburn can be prevented and this also prevents premature wrinkling.

2. Water: Drink enough water every day. Doctors suggest that we should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water or liquids daily. This will keep the skin hydrated and that improves the health of the skin.

3. Weight: Do not try to lose too much weight in a short span of time because this causes wrinkle formation on the skin.

4. Alcohol: Stop using alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate the skin very fast and it even affects the general health condition.

5. Smoking: Stop smoking. This is yet another reason for wrinkles formation at an early age. This is because use of tobacco causes dehydration of the skin.

6. Good sleep: Sleep well – it is a must for you to have enough sleep. Use silk pillows and as far as possible sleep on your back.

7. Exercise: Take regular exercise. There are many facial exercises meant for the face and the neck. Take a Yoga class which has exercises to improve the health of your skin and face.

8. Fruits and Vegetables: Use lots of fruits and vegetables because these will remove dead cells from the body. Crush banana, strawberries and cucumber and apply it on the face. This is an excellent exfoliating mask which improves the health of the skin to a great extent.

9. Supplements: Vitamin supplements like vitamin E and vitamin C will help to prevent early wrinkles. Apply Alpha Hydroxy Acid to remove dead cells that are settled on the skin. Vitamin E can be topically applied and it can be taken in the tablet form also. These will prevent early wrinkles being formed. Take the vitamins regularly and of course, consult your physician before doing so.

10. Facial cleanser: Use facial cleanser to wash your face. Using soap to wash the face may not give good results. This is particularly true in case of persons who have oily faces.