Absolutely Stylish Leather Purses And Bags

leather bagsBags, purses, tote and clutches are the best buddies of a woman and they perfectly complement her various dresses and attires. There’s nothing more better for a woman who has all the matching shades of bags to complement with her dresses.

She will be more than happy in this case! These days, leather bags and purses are making an absolute style statement with a huge range of beautiful designs and patterns. They look simply adorable with almost any kind of attire, be it casual, formal, semi-casual or semi-formal.

Leather bags are not just beautiful, but they are strong and durable enough to store all your unlimited items on the move. If you have the habit of carrying almost half of your vanity mirror or loads of important stuff in your bag, these leather bags would be a safe investment. Now, let us take a look at some of the trendiest and happening styles of bags in the market.

Styles & Patterns in Bags/Purses

Envelope/Shoulder Bags

These are also labelled as short and shoulder length bags and they are perfect for all those girls who don’t like to carry a huge oversized bag. They are short and handy and the best part is that they won’t be a bulging load on your shoulders.

Envelope/Shoulder Bags

You can carry them easily on almost any outing or occasion. Carry it to your office or simply flaunt it with your best dress while going out with friends. Though it is less-spacious as compared to huge oversized purses, it can carry your basic items like keys, basic makeup, important papers or other crucial stuff.

They are out in the market with updated designs and patterns by several competitive brands like Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and others. You can get it in your absolute favorite color. Classic neutrals shades like browns, whites or grey will complement your casual attires. If you like more of bright colors, you can opt for pinks, reds, oranges and greens. You can mix and match your bags with your dresses.

Clutches/Evening Bags

Evening cocktail parties or club get-together at night are just incomplete without these sparkling and stylish clutches. You are wearing that perfect new dress which you bought yesterday and you are ready to put it on at the night party, but do you have a nice clutch to go along with your dress? I’m sure you surely don’t want to miss this astonishing fashion accessory.

Clutches Bags

Clutches or evening bags are best complemented with long gowns, party wear dresses or any good evening dress. These types of bags are very convenient to handle as one can simply grab it with one hand or put it under her arm. Though they are very small and you can only load a few basics in that, but they add a timeless beauty and glamor to your persona.

These are available in various patterns and designs including studded, beaded or sequined clutches. If you are not a lover of sparkling clutches, you can try those simple yet stylish day clutches. They are made with fine leather with a pretty design and you can carry it on your girl’s day out or on shopping.

These days, clutches have taken over in a new form called wristlets which have a tuck-away or removable strap and they are very convenient to carry as you don’t have to hold it. The chained clutches are also getting much attention these days.

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Spacious & Large Totes

These are the most popularized type of bags and almost every woman needs it one day or the other. These bags are convenient and easy to handle, spacious with a great ability to load all your stuff and look totally pretty with any dress.

Spacious & Large Totes

They may have double shoulder straps or single straps, but in either way are very easy to carry. These are built with extra attention on strengthening the straps as they are large with a greater volume. The inside and outside zippered pockets in these oversized totes gives a perfect storage for dividing your stuff.

Some of these purses even come with an option of detachable straps and one can carry them with their handle. These come in a huge range of colors. These days a classic white tote is an absolute buy as it looks classy and sophisticated at the same time.

A black tote is also always in fashion with its huge fan following and its ability to complement with almost any attire. Apart from that, one can buy other brighter and different shades like red, blue, green or purple.