Acidity: Reasons and Prevention

Acidity is a common ailment that is also the cause of heartburn.  When the acids in the stomach start flowing back in the food pipe is when acidity and heartburn occur. Excessive acidity can also cause ulcers in the stomach. Therefore it becomes important that acidity should be prevented in order to avoid any complications from developing.

Most of the times, acidity occurs when we skip our meals and the digestive system has prepared itself for food that is not to come. Normally, this acid would have dissolved all the food that would have come to the stomach. But if we skip our meals, the acid content continues to be produced and without any food to dissolve, the amount continues to increase till the body tries to eject it to bring the balance in the digestive system. This acid when comes up the food pipe causes heartburn as well.

The second case is when you have eaten quite a lot. In this case, again the amount of acid increases in the body due to the food consumed till it goes above the threshold and the body again tries to eject it to bring to balance. Hence the acidity due to excess food is caused. Food high in acidic content should be avoided if you have an empty stomach or if you are prone to acidity.

The third factor that is responsible for acidity in the body is stress. Stress not only causes acidity, but also affects the overall health as well. Reducing stress will also help in improving the overall health of the body along with curing acidity problems.

There are many easy ways to treat acidity: The first and the simplest way is to counter it by an alcoholic content. Have a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. This will react with the acid in the stomach to neutralize it and the end result will be additional water that will also dilute the acidic content and hence reduce the burn.  Another remedy calls for having coconut water or coconut fruit pulp after every meal. This effectively is known to cure acidity.

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