Acne During Pregnancy

acnePregnancy usually marks one of the most happy and joyful experiences for any woman. It does come with quite some problems of its own. Your hormones are going nuts during this time of your life. This can cause an aggravation to an already present skin problem or can even causes all new skin problems like acne.

Several products are readily available in almost any store, which offer to solve your problem. However, the problem is that most of these products are not suitable to use for pregnant women because of being possible risk factors for the health of the baby.

However, if you are in this sad condition, do not worry because there are still remedies and precautions that you can take to treatment of  acne in an effective manner. Read on to find out ways you can solve the problem of acne.

Some tips to avoid acne during pregnancy

If you have acne on your face, then remember to wash it gently using a cleaner or some mild soap, twice daily. Use a non-oily or oil free moisturiser for moisturising. Do not use a scrub or a washcloth to wash your face, always use your hands.

Do not squeeze or pop out or even rub those pimples. You will end up spreading the bacteria and causing blemishes to appear.

Do not take any natural supplements that promise to get rid of your acne without first consulting your doctor.

Antioxidants fight off the free radicals that damage the skin. Therefore, take foods that are rich in these antioxidants like dark green vegetables, salmon, berries and olives as well as strawberries. Use extra virgin olive oil in your cooking instead of other types of cooking oils.

The one thing that affects your skin as much as what you eat is exercise. Exercise helps to improve your blood circulation so that blood flow to your skin increases. This gives a natural and healthy glow to your skin. Exercise will help your body to release endorphins or the happy hormones. This will enable you to keep away from stress, which is also responsible for aggravating acne.

If you like to wear makeup, use water based makeup products. You might also want to buy products that have labels like non-comedogenic or even non-acnegenic. Always remember to clean off the makeup before you go to bed.