Acne Home Remedies – Effective, Cheap and Easily Available

Perhaps you have already tried some of the commercially available treatments for Acne with disappointing results.

Perhaps you are wary of the slew of chemicals they seem to contain and of exposing yourself to possible side effects. Maybe you simply don’t have a budget that will stretch to cover the purchase of these often expensive products.

Home remedies, many of which have been tried and tested over hundreds of years, offer a great alternative and can be as effective, if not more than over-the-counter products and medicines, at less cost to your health and your pocket. Whatever your reason for reading this page, it is sure to provide you with some easy, inexpensive ways of preventing and treating Acne.

Cleansing Inside and Out

The first step is to hydrate your body sufficiently so that it can operate to its optimum and work to clear toxins out of your body efficiently. A toxic body is a common cause of Acne. To this end, you can also begin to include greater amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, and restrict your intake of processed and fast foods.

The next step is to implement a cleansing routine for your skin. Again expensive products do not always achieve the best results. A plain, non irritating soap and warm water are sufficient for the job, and should be used gently and with reserve- washing more than twice a day. It can cause your skin to produce even more Sebum, which may lead to even more blocked pores.

Plenty of exercise or a sauna can boost your circulation, which improves skin health and makes you sweat, your skin’s mechanism for releasing toxins from the body.

Home Treatments for Acne

To counteract the build up of oil and dirt in the skin which leads to infection, use an astringent. Witchhazel, Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice can all be applied to clean skin to close the pores and decrease the likelihood of dirt build up.

For angry, painful spots that have not erupted, a mask of oats can be applied to the face to draw the infection, and any buried oil and dirt out. Mix oats with warm water to make a paste, apply and leave for 10-20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

For itchy and inflamed Acne, mix up a paste of baking soda and water, and dab on to affected areas. This will reduce redness and calm irritation.

To eliminate infection causing bacteria, make a skin rinse. Add a few drops of Tea Tree or Grapefruit Oil to warm water and splash on after cleansing.

To help your skin to heal without scarring, after bathing try dabbing on Aloe Vera juice.

Next time you have a breakout, instead of rushing to the store, rummage around in your kitchen cupboard and you will most likely find a treatment to assist.