Acne Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

acneIt is important to know facts and myths about acne for proper guidance in your acne treatment program.

Some common myths about acne are:

Myth 1. It’s All In Your Diet

Food is never the cause of acne. The food that you eat can only modify your acne condition. An unhealthy, irresponsible diet can make your acne become worse.

Myth 2. It’s Your Hygiene

The belief that acne is a result of poor hygiene is without any basis. In fact, when you frequently clean and overuse acne scrub products to treat your acne, it may worsen the situation because of the irritation that it causes the skin.

Myth 3.  It’s Your Facial Products

Even when you apply heavy makeup, it will never trigger the formation of acne. Dermatologists say that acne can never be associated with the use of makeup, especially the oil-based products.

Myth 4. Acne Can be Transferred To Another Person

Acne is never contagious. There is a reason why it appears on the skin. When you touch an area with acne and touch another person, this does not mean that the other person will also develop acne in the area that you touched.

Myth 5. It’s Your Oily Skin

Although most people who are prone to having acne generally have oily skin, the reason for the acne is not the type of skin. This is only a symptom of acne.

Myth 6. Stress is the Reason

Stress is not a cause of acne. It can just worsen the acne situation. If you are taking stress medications, there is a high possibility of these products contributing to acne breakouts.

Myth 7. Get Sun Tan and You’ll Get Rid of Acne

Sun tanning will only give you more problems. Your skin will lose moisture and thus, there is a tendency to have itchy skin that will trigger skin breakouts.

Myth 8. Acne is IncurableThis is not true. Teenagers outgrow acne while adults can get rid of acne with the proper treatment and care.

These myths will affect the way you understand and treat acne. With the right information and an effective, responsible program to handle your acne, your days of treating acne will be over soon.